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Workshop Partner

Natural Connections Photo Workshops is the brainchild of married team, Jeff and Ledra Woodlee.

Natural Connections Photo Workshops is the brainchild of married team, Jeff and Ledra Woodlee.

About Natural Connections Photo Workshops

Natural Connections Photo Workshops is the physical manifestation of its owner and founder’s love of travel, landscape and outdoor photography. Ledra Woodlee is the force behind this photographic venture and she loves what she does - leading photography workshops around the country for people who like to travel, learn photography and have lots of fun while doing it!

Through classroom lecture, image critique and hands-on instruction in the field, Ledra offers her students the ability to address their specific needs and to develop their own photographic talents and interests.

In 2012, Ledra developed a passion for a new and exciting line of equipment – Olympus mirrorless cameras. She officially switched to the Olympus OM-D line of camera gear after almost 15 years with a well-known DSLR brand. Once Ledra made the switch, she never looked back. Small, light, compact and powerful products only enhances her ability to instruct and be available for her students at all times. In 2017, Natural Connections Photo Workshops became the inaugural member in a new Olympus program, Olympus Workshop Partners.

With a background in retail photography sales and service, Ledra possesses a broad knowledge of photography gear as well as photographic technique. Everything she has learned in the retail environment only serves to deepen her knowledge and ability to help workshop participants in the classroom and in the field as well. Plus, if you want to learn more about your Olympus gear, she is an expert and can help you with all of your Olympus questions.

Join Natural Connections Photo Workshops on any of their 1 to 6-Day local or travel workshops where you are guaranteed to see beautiful places, learn more about your photography gear and capture amazing images while enjoying every minute of it!

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