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Workshop Partner

Workshop Partner

Personalized Camera Instruction and Photo Workshops.

Personalized Camera Instruction and Photo Workshops.

Join OurPhotoTribe workshops with married team Steve and Faith as they explore Florida and cities around the US.

Steve Hutchinson picked up his first camera in 6th grade, and ever since then his passion for photography has followed him throughout his life. Over the years Steve has cultivated an extensive knowledge base in photographic techniques, camera equipment, sales, and instructing.

Steve has over ten years experience in instructing photography courses, and he finds sharing his knowledge with all levels of photographers to be the most rewarding part of his career. Through his ability to provide firsthand instruction and constructive critiques Steve has helped others grow and develop their photographic skills and abilities to take their images to new heights.

Faith Hutchinson discovered her love of photography as an element of her art education, and has continued to pursue her interests in art and photography throughout her career. She has a background as studio photographer, camera sales, and more than ten years as a photography instructor.

Faith loves meeting budding photographers and sharing with them her excitement and enthusiasm for photography. She enjoys the chance to help build the strengths and promote the development of a lifelong passion in photography of new and experienced photographers alike through her instruction.

Steve and Faith Hutchinson met in the photo industry, and ever since have been helping each other take their photography to the next level. They have since created Our Photo Tribe Workshops to coordinate their efforts to bring their love of photography to others. Steve and Faith believe that although we all come from different places, we share a common language: photography. Through our images we are able to more deeply communicate and appreciate the world.

The goal of Our Photo Tribe Workshops is to build a fun, supportive, and creative environment where each individual can receive the instruction, guidance and inspiration to create their best images. Through group classes, personalized camera instruction and guided photo workshops, let Steve and Faith lend their expertise to improving your photo skills.

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