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Alex McClure

Alex McClure

Alex is a landscape and commercial photographer from Tempe, Arizona.

Alex is a landscape and commercial photographer from Tempe, Arizona.

About Alex

Alex McClure is an Olympus Visionary from Tempe, Arizona. He started capturing photographs more than 30 years ago.

Alex has backpacked all over the Grand Canyon, High Sierra and Cascade Mountains photographing everything from Lake Louise and the Columbian Icefield to Yellowstone, Yosemite and Kings Canyon. Lately, he has focused his lens on the Arizona/Utah desert, Eastern Sierra and Grand Canyon.

“My goal is to make beautiful photographs that inspire and motivate people.” His work has been featured in publications like Digital Photo Pro, Parade.com, PC Magazine and Digital Camera Review, showcasing his skills and experience in storm chasing, astrophotography and travel photography.

“Photography has always inspired me and has added so much to my life. This is one of the main reasons I’m always sharing tips and techniques with others. I believe that a strong photography community is important to photography as a whole.”

Alex is also the organizer for the AZ Photo Guild, a southwest based photography club, in which he run’s educational workshops, photo walks and hiking/backpacking trips. “I love showing people how I capture special shots and there is nothing more exciting than when a student suddenly realizes that they captured the perfect shot.” Alex has done more than 150 events in the last six years!

The Olympus Visionary Program is Olympus America Inc.’s official program for its sponsored photographers. Olympus Visionaries consist of a select group of photographers from across the U.S. and Canada who represent a variety of photography genres, and offer varying years of experience and influence. From Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalists to successful entrepreneurs to passionate creators who shoot and share their vision with their dedicated social communities, each has a unique point of view, an enthusiasm for Olympus products and the brand, a strong presence in the photography community, and best practices to share.

The Visionaries use their unique real-world experiences and technical expertise to inspire photo enthusiasts and professionals alike and embrace Olympus camera systems as their tool of choice for capturing and sharing their world in vivid detail. They provide product feedback in an effort to improve Olympus products, programs and services. They also represent Olympus by speaking at Photography Conferences, Photo Specialty Dealer Events, Tradeshows, and more.

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