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The OM-D experience

No photographic system offers the power, portability and versatility of the mighty OM-D and its extensive family of M.Zuiko Digital lenses. And few places on earth provide more opportunities to put this equipment to the test than the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. So we set off once again with Olympus Visionary John Sterling Ruth, one of America's top commercial photographers, to take some pictures.

From the rainforests and beaches to the vibrant city neighborhoods, John put all of the Olympus lenses to the test. He hiked into the humid jungle and stood in the mist to shoot cascading waterfalls. He went to the beach to capture local surfers carving perfect turns. He wandered the byways of Old San Juan, shooting street scenes and food vendors.

On location with John Sterling Ruth

John will tell you that he couldn't have covered so much ground and brought back so many gorgeous images and videos without his OM-D system. "I like the OM-D because of the freedom of movement it provides. It's so lightweight and compact. And with an Olympus lens for every shooting situation, I always realize my creative vision for any particular scene."

Go behind the scenes

To capture challenging images, You need amazing technology

That’s why our OM-D series cameras feature 5-Axis Image Stabilization and lightning-fast autofocus to ensure you'll always capture a crisp, clear shot. And with models and lenses that are fully weathersealed you'll be able shoot anywhere. Check out what John Sterling Ruth brought back from Puerto Rico.