April 22, 2020 by Vlast
Awesome functionality.
This is my 5th O-MD camera and the 3rd E-M1. I switched from Canon 7 years ago and wouldn't go back. The Mark III is a worthy upgrade although some of the ergonomic upgrades/changes are a little hard to get used to. But I'm sure I'll get used to it as I use it more. I really like the addition of the live ND and the Starry AF, once I am able to I will use those a lot. Another bonus is that the form factor didn't change and I can use some of the same accessories and the same batteries. The two upgrades I would appreciate is a bit higher resolution viewfinder and hopefully a new sensor.
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March 28, 2020 by Pavel
This camera is evolutionary improvement over the predecessors, but it opens up and facilitates a loose, on the go photography and expands the range of what is possible. For me the main advantage is the hand-held HI RES mode that gives the user a resoluti
Conventional review would say that this camera is a modest evolution from EM-1X and EM-1 MK2. On an engineering level, it may well be true. On the surface, it may also lag behind the competition when comparing spec to spec. (the sensor, the viewfinder...) It may well be true. In my view however, this camera is a transformational product, because it allows for and in fact encourages the kind of spontaneous hand-held photography which does not require tripod or ND filter of full frame camera with big lenses to achieve results comparable to those achieved with much bigger cameras with bigger lenses and heavy tripods. Here is why: 1) For those wishing to have higher resolution image, you can achieve that with hand-held HI RES mode. The resulting image can be quite crisp.Thanks in part to great Olympus lenses and of course to excellent stabilization and powerful processor that make this possible. I think that Olympus cleverly achieved superb image quality despite aging sensor. I set HI RES mode on C1, where it is always ready for me. I expect to use this feature on most of my photos. 2) For those fond of slow shutter speed photography, EM-1 Mk3 is god-sent. I used to tape ND gel filter at the back of my fisheye. It is clatzy, but it works. Of course when you wish to use the fisheye without the ND filter, you have to remove the tape. Usually at shutter speeds calling to ND32 filter, you need a tripod and a shutter release. Not with EM-1Mk3 - I set up Live ND on my C2 and I am ready to take hand-held slow shutter speed instantly. I just tested this feature and it works fine, although I need far more practice with it to get it right. I can think of many applications and I expect that the convenience, not needing a tripod or fuss with ND filters + ability to use this feature on all lenses, including the ones that do not accept filters will transform how I photograph. 3) On my C3, I am placing hand held focus bracketing. I could use in camera focus stacking, but I prefer a RAW output. Over the years, The need for focus stacking came out quite often, but it does not fit with my quick on the move photography style and so I used small aperture instead. The results are better with focus stacking I expect to use this feature far more often than in the past. 4) I still have C4. I do not do much HDR and I rarely photograph sports or children or wildlife and so I am not yet sure for what feature I will use the C4. I see this camera as evolutionary in terms of specs compared to the previous models and the competition, but I see the camera as transformational in terms of the variety of photos it permits in a loose, on the move, always ready way while maintaining the image quality of photos captured. I credit the clever leveraging (in software) of the excellence of image stabilization, fast processor and superb lenses. I like the water proofing, as I like to photograph in any weather and I damaged a lens from other maker during an all day downpour. I like the lightness of the gear and the ability to leave the tripods and the fiddle with them and shutter releases and ND filters at home. Let us not forget the compactness and relative lightness of the gear-my original reason for going with Olympus. My biggest beef is with the manual (a loss of a star), because I think it is very poorly written. It is written be engineers familiar with the operation of the camera and not by photographers that would be using it. It is a hard and frustrating slog requiring jumping trom one segment of the manual to another all the time. The manual obscures the power of the camera. I expect that most users will be too frustrated to learn how to use the camera to its full potential and thus the benefits of this product will be defeated and under-appreciated. There are great many technical writers/photographers that could have done a lot better. Olympus should rush out the easy to follow videos to help owners make full use of this great product.
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