April 23, 2020 by Paul
Well worth trading up.
I traded up from the EM1 MII to the MIII. I am an advanced amateur and found that the trade up was very worthwhile. The improvements in autofocus, stary sky, hi-resolution and ND are particularly helpful. The bottom line is that this camera has fabulous features and is small enough, and light enough, that I can easily carry it with me and use it when I want. Despite it’s small size, it does an incredible job.
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April 17, 2020 by Ronald
Incredible all around camera, for all types of photography
I have been using Olympus cameras for a number of years now. The new EM1 Mk3 is an incredible camera that can do almost anything. The ability to take a 50 meg picture handheld is a game changer, in camera ND filters, star shots handheld, improve auto focusing for action shots and wildlife and an even better 5 axis image stabilization system than the previous EM1 Mk2. I have taken handheld shots 5 seconds in duration when paired with the 12-100 f4 Pro lens, which has its own IS system and syncs with the camera to give you even more stabilization. I do a variety of photography ranging from wildlife, to landscape, to street, night photography and travel photography. A lot of my photography is outdoors, so the weather sealing that the camera has is essential, especially when paired with their weather sealed lens. Micro 4/3 cameras are inherently ISO sensitive but, Olympus seems to be changing that as well. This new camera handles much higher ISO ranges than before, allowing for better night shots. Overall, I feel the EM1 Mk3 is one of the best all around cameras out there. Its size and weight are a fraction of their DSLR counter parts. Several years ago we went to Africa. At the time I had a full size DSLR brand C. We were weight restricted and I literally was 1/2 the weight and size after loading all my Olympus gear, including 2 bodies! We came back from that trip and sold all my DSLR equipment. The Olympus gear was put to the extreme with the dust in Africa, the vibration of being out on Safari from before sun up to after sun down and then the weather sealing really came into play when we were at Victoria Falls. Despite being thoroughly drenched the camera never even blinked and kept right on shooting. Even our guide was amazed, as he sees a lot of cameras ruined under those conditions. The menu can be a little intimidating if you are not used to how Olympus does things. But, the camera is so capable of doing so many different things and that is why it has an extensive menu. To aid in quickly changing settings, they now have 4 customizable settings, quickly allowing you to change settings for different scenes. I typed out a small piece of paper indicating which customized setting I assigned to each one and taped it to the camera behind the LCD screen for a quick reference. I highly recommend the EM1 Mk3 for anyone looking for a high end versatile camera, capable of a variety of photography, under many different conditions.
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April 7, 2020 by ClassicSax
Great compact camera.
I am very happy with this camera. Fully customizable - compact and light and at the same time sturdy and waterproof. Very effective motion stabilization. Ideal for a traveler. Easy to use bracketing for focus stacking, multiple exposures and other options.
March 12, 2020 by Allen Maestas
I'm glad I made the switch to Olympus OM-D
This little camera is outstanding! Small, light, beautiful images, amazing functionality, and great lens selection. What more could you want from a camera? This camera is great for all styles of photography, portrait, landscape, wildlife, you name it, it does it. A joy to use, I'm glad I made the switch to Olympus OM-D.
March 9, 2020 by Paul
Extremely happy with this camera
I am a bona fide purchaser of the new EM-1.3. I received one of the first batch to ship. My decision to purchase it was partially based the advantage trade-in pricing being offered by the retailer. Although I still retain an E-M1.2 I do not regret buying this camera. Today I used it to photograph at my local animal shelter, something I have been doing for nine years, first with Nikon cameras and most recently with the Oly EM-1.2. I also use the 12-100mm F4 Pro lens for this and have been able to skip the use of a flash because of the image stabilization the camera/lens combination provides. Today I found the ease of use of the EM-1.3 and the quality of the end results to be a genuine revelation compared to the EM-1.2, exceeding my expectations by a wide margin. The image stabilization of the 1.3 was indeed better than the 1.2, something that really helps when shooting moving animals indoors in relatively low light. The continuous tracking system is improved, and the joystick control with the ability to program it to return to home position was a great aid, and on one or two dogs I found that the face tracking worked as though they were human. I also found no discernible noise in photos shot at ISO 3200. Nearly all my shots were keepers in this first session with the EM-1.3, matching my recent outing usIng the camera for birding with the 300mm F4 Pro lens. On that occasion I also noticed better stabilization and a higher rate of keepers. Now if only Olympus would give us a firmware update that expanded face recognition to common animals, as Nikon recently has done, I think this camera will be damn near perfect and very hard to beat in most any category.
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