November 1, 2020 by Yvan
Exceptional image quality, fast and lightweight
I am still in a trial period but I can already say this. Exceptional image quality and improvement in high ISO. Very fast autofocus. IBIS is amazing. Lightweight and compact. Better control button layout that allows making edits while taking pictures. The high-resolution hand-held function is amazing. Coupled with M Zuiko pro lenses, the results are impressive. This is the best Olympus camera I have had since 2005.
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October 19, 2020 by Martin Perez
Blazing speed with amazing image quality
This is my first Olympus camera. The EM-1 Mark iii is the best mirrorless camera available. The form factor, speed and image quality is unrivaled. This is coming from a long time Canon DSLR user and Sony mirrorless user. The EM-1 Mark iii makes everything simpler, funner and the results are amazing. The features provided by the EM-1 Mark iii make photography fun again for me. I find myself carrying the camera everywhere I go. Thanks Olympus for such a great product.
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October 16, 2020 by Kevin
After 6+ years with E-M1, it was time to upgrade. Wow, the Mark III is impressive!
My first Olympus camera was the OM-D E-M1, purchased in early 2014. I was impressed then and continued to shoot with it for more than six years before deciding it was time to upgrade. I'd watched the evolution to the Mark II, then, the larger, albeit very capable MX1. Size is important to me, so I waited longer with hopes that Olympus would return to the smaller body. It was worth the wait! Although I'd considered the 2014 camera very capable, the Mark III blew me away with all of the refinements and additional features that had been added. The stabilization is insanely good. I quickly adapted to the new button layout and have come to love the joystick focus point control. Image quality, including those from the high res mode, is superb. Extremely happy with the upgrade.
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October 9, 2020 by Bob
Best camera i have every used.
i have been shooting since 1962 and used most hi-end equipment This EM1-III is the best of the best. I really enjoy the responsiveness, the auto focus is much better than my em5-II especially when using my 60mm Macro. and the IBIS is great. Old dudes like myself are rather shaky, this em1-III takes care of all my shaking even at long focal lengths (300mm). The handheld HI-RES is very easy and is great. I love this camera. Only wish i waited 8 weeks and got the price reduction. Nevertheless still a good deal.
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October 9, 2020 by Keith
Great camera, great ergonomics, top end product in every respect
If you’re familiar with the EM-1 Mark II, the Mark III will feel right a home. The addition of the dedicated joystick is great and I do like the new placement of the menu button on the left rather than on the right side of the back of the camera. Image quality.... Just like the Mark II which is great. No issues. AF with face/eye detection is vastly improved and instantly noticeable between the Mark II and III. Since I also have the EM1-X, the custom menu option is great. It is really nice to customize what I want there and access functions quicker than diving through the entire menu system. Starry Sky AF is just incredible. I do a fair amount of night sky shooting and knowing that I can nail focus easily is a big deal for me. Hope that gets added via firmware to the EM1-X. This is a solid, extremely well built camera. Too bad Olympus can’t figure out how to market it. It is NOT just about being smaller, it is about the experience of shooting with a camera, and this system is simply more enjoyable and provides more fun that any system I’ve ever used and I’ve been photographing for 50 years now.
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