July 29, 2020 by MDBE-M1
Inspired me to rediscover the joy of photography.
I have been an Olympus enthusiast since their IS-1 Point and Shoot days, and that camera took exceptional photos by way of a revolutionary system. Yet with the digital invasion I toyed with other brands for travel cameras, always knowing that I would return to Olympus and a serious 35mm at some point. I studied the OM-D series for about a year and zoned in on the E-M1 MK III after it was announced. I am glad I waited, and I have not been dissatisfied. It has every feature and more advanced settings than I will ever need, but I am willing to try. The build quality is second to none and the camera lends to inspired photos just by its exuded capabilities. One is moved to capture the world and Olympus gives you one heck of a tool to do so. One thing my research exposed was that there are entirely too many shallow, opinionated, and apparently macho camera snobs out there, who attack the Micro Four Thirds systems in favor of the Full Frame monsters, all for the sake of nominal image noise. Well, I travel, and I want serious pictures without the need of a pack mule. All I know is that I have one of the best travel cameras on the planet and you ridiculous macho snobs can literally take a hike…with your pack mules.
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July 23, 2020 by Jim G.
Best Darn Camera - 3 months in the field with the OMD EM1 MK III
Best darn camera all around. I have been an Oly user since the OMD EM5 MK I. I also one the EM5 MKII and upgraded to the EM1 MK III. My EM5's and EM1 are built like a tank. They are lightweight and can handle anything the backcountry can throw at it rain, cold, heat, etc. More specifically about the EM1 - The phase-detection in the autofocus is great. There is also no other IBIS system that can match Oly's IBIS. Astrophotography used to be a pain. I liked it but focusing was always a hassle. Starry Sky makes astrophotography a breeze and a real joy. Press the button and it focuses for you. It is just a joy to use. The built-in ND filters are great for photographing waterfalls and can create some great effects for motion blur. I thought they were a gimmick at first but now use regularly with great results. I am a serious enthusiast, meaning I shoot street, nature, events, and some portraiture. I live in Montana and Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshal Wilderness area is in my back yard. My Oly's can take anything mother nature wants to throw at it. When Olympus made their announcement to sell their camera division, I seriously thought about changing my kit. I'm not for the following reasons. First is build quality - no one else can beat their build quality. Second is their IBIS. It is the best in the business. No one can match it. Third, they have great glass. Fourth is live comp - this is a phenomenal feature for night photography. Fifth - It has great image quality. I could not find another camera out there that can beat the build quality and feature set. If you need a camera you can take into the field and into the studio, you can't beat this camera. Olympus makes great innovations that other companies then copy. The problem is they never get the word out. I hope the new owners keep the quality and do a better job marketing and Olympus keeps up with the RD because they really do make fantastic cameras.
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June 19, 2020 by MICHAEL
Switch from Nikon to Olympus
I had been a Nikon owner and user for over 50 years, and thankfully was directed to Olympus by one of your Olympus pros giving a class at the Winter Wings Festival in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I had used a Nikon D500 and D850 for some time, with a Nikon 200-500mm lens. I purchased the OMD EM-1 Mark III and 300mm IS Pro on the recommendation of your pro and could not be happier. The pictures are sharper, the AF is faster and I can hand hold shots that would have required a tripod with a Gimbel with the Nikon set up. I therefore went out and purchased another body and the 40-150mm IS Pro and, 14-40mm Pro lenses. I am in seventh heaven. My pictures have improved dramatically and I love reviewing the U-Tube presentations by Gaven Hoey, Tim Boyer and others and getting great tips on the use of my Olympus equipment. I am not a professional and probably never will be, but I probably represent the great majority of your customers, and I would just like to say thank you and keep up the good work. I will definitely heap praise on your equipment to fellow amateurs and hope they will make the lucky switch that I have made. Thank you so much for what you do. I have noticed that so many of your professional representatives are from Europe, hopefully the United State will catch up with the rest of the World.
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May 27, 2020 by Cynthia
Light as a booger - but powerful too!
Long-time satisfied Olympus customer. Updated to EM 1 Mark III and couldn't be happier. I love taking it on hikes along with several lenses - it's so light! Appreciate that it is resistant to weather conditions that I encounter - sand, water, dust, heat... I have been watching the tutorials and learning more about techniques - some of which are new to me. As far as image quality - very pleased. My focus is on shooting wildlife, plants, etc. Looking forward to reviews on the new lens coming out in the fall. Can't wait... BTW - every time I submit a question - the response is very quick and helpful. Thank you Olympus :)
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May 26, 2020 by Deven D.
The Best, Hands Down.
It’s been a few years since I’ve last used a DSLR camera and I’ve never used a mirrorless or Olympus. My main use is for Wildlife photography and occasionally photographing family outings; overall I’m an amateur. I bought this camera purely because of all the great things I’ve read as well as reviews from Olympus Explorers. I know this isn’t recommended for beginners due to the steep learning curve, but I e gotta say that I’m having the time of my life learning the in’s and out’s of such magnificent technology that Olympus has provided. I’ve paired my MKIII with a second hand 40-150 PRO lens that’s pretty beat up with a couple scratches on the front element and the photos are still magnificent for my personal hobby needs. I will definitely be saving up to purchase a brand new 40-150 and 300 PRO lens so that I can get those super crisp and detail rich photos that I know this camera is capable of. If you are just getting into photography or you’re a beginner and have the time and patience to learn and grow with your camera, this one is for you.
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