April 10, 2021 by John
Amazing Camera
I have been shooting Nikon for years (D850). I decided to downsize weight of my gear due to shoulder surgery. I bought this camera and the 12-40mm Pro lens, then added the 300mm Pro, 40-150mm Pro, and added another camera body. This camera continues to amaze me with its performance and image quality. I am so impressed I am considering selling all my Nikon Gear.
March 15, 2021 by Patrick
Exceptional Camera!
I owned a Canon DSLR camera for 8 years and could never grasp the features that it offered. This Olympus camera is incredibly user friendly! Basic settings are so easy to adjust and picture quality is amazing. Still playing around with other features, but all in all I'd say that this is an exceptional camera.
December 30, 2020 by Hector
A photographic machine gun ; Five stars plus.
For my COVID19 instigated back yard bird photography I have obtained photos undreamed of with my previous cameras ; Combining the pronounced reach of my 75-300 mm zoom with action freezing FPS's I have photographed everything from hawks to hummingbirds and butterflies with , to me at least, amazingly pleasing results ; A solid, very well built, very ergonomic and also complex camera , with many functions I still have not grasped but will enjoy trying to master ; Was very pleased already with my OMD-10 MkIII but this M1 MkIII is a magnitude beyond it ; A professional camera.
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November 12, 2020 by Ben
This is a Terrific camera except....
I love everything about this EM1 MkIII. It's speed, it's accuracy, ease of use, image quality and many features I have yet to explore. But there are two things I question. The lack of a AUTO mode and SCN mode. I know you emphasize its use by professionals and serious enthusiasts, but there are times when a shot presents itself with little time to fiddle with adjustments. That's when a split second is the difference between capture, and missing the shot. I have these choices in my EM5 MkIII and all others. I'm just sorry they are missing in this model. Of course I have to admit that when I am out and anticipating these conditions I carry my EM5 III or Pen-F. The closest to either of these mode settings is the "P" mode. The lack of these AUTO and SCN modes has made me more facile with the "A" and "S" modes, but I still miss them.
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November 4, 2020 by Ellee
I love this camera!
My initial thoughts on this camera. Super fast and responsive with incredible focus and clarity. I am finding that I am able to take pictures in many low light conditions without a tripod. I go back and forth between my 50mm 1:2 lens and adapter and my 17mm 1:1.8.There is so much to learn and I feel like I have only scratched the surface. Thank you Olympus for another incredible product.
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