September 29, 2021 by Bill P.
Amazing travel lens.
If you can carry only one lens and you are mostly shooting in good light, this is the lens to carry. I used it to shoot our trip to Havana, Cuba and I never felt the need for another lens. Simplified equipment so that I could enjoy the tour and capture some great shots. Balances well on E-M1 series camera or an E-M5 with battery grip.
August 18, 2021 by Steven G.
Nice and light and gets me great photos
My Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III is a big change from a full frame camera, but I was able to get some very nice photos at the San Diego Zoo just a few days after I received it. I really needed to lighten up my load, and to get to a 750mm equivalent, the kit is only 54% of the weight of my other kit. And this one with the 100-400mm gets me to 800mm as a bonus.
June 29, 2021 by John
Outstanding MFT camera
The OM-D EM-1 Mark III is an exceptional camera. I have owned other Olympus systems and this model is quite outstanding. The built-in ND filter selection works flawlessly and has saved me a lot of money from purchasing multiple sized filters. The handheld HI RES function is another feature that, again, performs flawlessly. This is the BEST MFT camera that one can buy. Keep up the good work Olympus.
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June 23, 2021 by Bob
2nd Mark III. Love the on board computational capture features.
This is my second Mark III. Wanted a replica back-up with all the same controls. i enjoy many of the computational features such as in-camera ND filtering, Live Composite and especially the 80 MP capture where I can use a studio flash by adding 2 seconds of time between the 8 captures to give the flash time to recycle.
May 20, 2021 by Liam
Creating is Fun Again
The Olympus E-M1 Mkiii brings back the fun in Photography! From landscapes to portraits, I am able to capture all my creative ideas. Being lightweight and compact is a huge bonus for me as well because it allows more freedom with where you can go without slowing down your travel load.
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