January 20, 2020 by Kasey
Very nice performance with a surprise feature!
If you're taking shots of the moon with your 40-150pro, get this adapter. The added detail without sacrificing sharpness is just awesome! Quite by surprise, I discovered that this teleconverter also works with my M. Zuiko 50mm Macro (4/3 mount). In this instance, the correct M4/3 to 4/3 adapter is essential. I actually have both the Panasonic and Olympus adapters. Trying the Olympus first (it is weather sealed afteral!) I found that it feels too tight and just won't quite lock into place with the teleconverter. I'm not sure if it would work by forcing it a bit, but the Panasonic adapter slides into place with minimal effort, so I chose to not risk damage. But combined with the teleconverter, my 50mm becomes a 70mm macro, and opens up new options. I'm sure the teleconverter would work on other 4/3 lenses as well, but the macro was just a really nice surprise!
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January 20, 2020 by Jerry
Very Nice Converter
I have had my micro 4/3, MC-14, 1.4 X tele converter for about a week, and it works very well on the 40-150 Pro lens. I get a reach of 210mm (420mm on a 35mm system), which gives a good image size at 40 to 50 feet. With my 50-200 and its 1.4X converter, at the same distance, a squirrel fills the frame about 35 or 40 percent; so this should result in the squirrel filling maybe 30 percent of the image frame, which would allow for a good composition. I’ll wait for a warmer day to put peanuts where I want the squirrel, and then wait for that magic moment. Image quality of everything I have shot thus far has produced very sharp images. I just have to adjust ISO high enough to get a faster shutter speed (if shooting in “A” mode) or select a faster shutter speed to compliment the focal length. When trying to be mobile, I like the feel of the set-up of my E-M1 with the 40-150 Pro and the MC-14, both with and without the HLD-7 battery grip; but definitely WITH the grip is better. Using a faster shutter speed still, say 1/2000, really helps when shooting a long lens hand held. (the lens and your converter make up your focal length) The only problem I find is, my MC-14 converter is Very tight when mounting to my E-M1; it is really difficult to remove. I do Not see how Olympus’s Quality Control or Engineering Design Team could miss tolerances so much on the MC-14, when they have the MMF-3 unit to go by, for example.
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January 20, 2020 by Sylvie
A high-quality teleconverter
I was pleasantly surprised with the image quality I get with this teleconverter. I definitely recommend the M.Zuiko teleconverter!
January 20, 2020 by Senior Sabattier
Solid construction - excellent boost and quality
I'm using this on Olympus' M.Zuiko 40-150mm f2.8 lens. You lose one stop of light sensitivity (f2.8 becomes f4.0 automatically) and gain substantial zoom. The MC-14 teleconverter is just as well built as the PRO series lens it attaches to. When you see its size you'll realize how easy it is to travel with via pocket, carry pouch or small camera bag spot. In use, photo quality remains excellent. It will only work for the lenses specified by Olympus (40-150mm f2.8 PRO & 300mm f4.0 IS PRO (late 2017) - don't experiment and risk damaging other lenses).
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January 20, 2020 by Dave
Great way to add some reach to the 40-150mm f/2.8!
Bought this to add a bit of reach to my 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro, and I'm very pleased. First impression was how tiny it was! I used the EC-14 on the 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5, so I haven't recovered all the reach I had with that lens, but for extended walks this is a much more comfortable solution. The optic performs superbly, and the fit is excellent both to the body and the lens.
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