November 8, 2020 by Trevor
Fantastic enthusiasts camera for a reasonable price
Very capable and competent camera. Fantastic autofocus abilities. Ibis works extremely well. Provides most of the bells and whistles of more expensive models for a fraction of the cost. Lightweight, ergonomic, easy to learn how to use with enough sophistication to grow with your abilities. The weather sealed 14-150mm lens is a great match for this camera covering most of the focal lengths people would want, again at a reasonable cost. Very happy that I purchased it when it came out nearly a year ago.
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May 17, 2020 by cwincald
Great upgrade
Bought this to replace an OMD M10. The main feature that attracted me was the weatherproofing. It is slightly more complex to learn than the M10 but I have enjoyed the process. And being weatherproof has meant taking it out on occasions when I would have left my camera at home in the past. and taking more photos means getting better at it, at least that's the plan. Another feature I really like is the articulating screen. All in all I'm very happy
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March 8, 2020 by Bill
I love the size and speed of this camera.
I love the size and speed of this camera. The autofocus is amazing and being able to focus and take the picture just by tapping the screen is awesome. I look forward to discovering all the capabilities of this camera. My only disappointment and word of caution is that it doesn't work with Olympus Capture. I didn't realize the software existed until after I purchased the camera. It works with the older Mark II and the better E-M1's, but not the E-M5 Mark III. I don't quite get that.
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September 27, 2021 by Edgar
Bad Quality
The camera seems a good option for a travel camera, good size, and nice features; but beware of the quality, I received a defective product, and I have to pay for the shipping to return it
April 30, 2021 by Fletcher
Bad body material
I was so excited for the camera when it came out. I had been using a EM10-Mkiii which was fantastic. But shooting outside mostly I was looking forward to the weather sealing of the EM5, not to mention the high res shot mode and much improved AF. However.... There's one HUGE flaw. The plastic body. I was hesitant about this going in but believed the marketing. The tri pod mount is fragile and will flex and bow dramatically. On my first EM5 body the mounting area actually failed and cracked. This is not with some third party lenses. My daily driver is the 12-100 F4 pro, it's not a light lens but is a Olympus lens on a Olympus body. Trying to focus at 100mm on a tripod and the image bounces everywhere due to the bottom plate of the camera flexing. Just a note this is not an issue with EM10-mkiii at all, even when i forgot the lens mount for the 40-150 f2.8pro and mounted it on a tripod from the camera body. For me this has really ruined the camera for me, sad that they made such a basic design flaw when typically everything olympus is engineered so well. Also very sad they have not admitted to this issue.
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