December 17, 2019 by Antoine
Almost an EM1 in a classic retro compact body!
So compact, so handy, so classic but still almost an EM1. This is a wonderful camera, weather proof and practical. Impressive what you can do with it... Oh! and that stabilization! WOW!
December 2, 2019 by Richard B
I'm a very happy photographer with the EM5 Mark III
This is just a very preliminary review as I have only had the camera for a few days and have made only some test pictures to ensure it is operating properly (which it is) and that I am comfortable with it. So far so good. Until now I have been using the EM5 Mark II with great results but there were two features on the Mark III that immediately caught my attention a slightly higher resolution sensor and - the in camera battery charging. Although I've not yet had any issues with the Mark IIs smaller sensor I feel the larger sensor will be an advantage if making a very big print especially if substantial cropping might be required. I edit using Photoshop CC and always shoot in the RAW + JEPG mode. But the feature I really like is the in camera battery charging. Not having to carry around the charger with that absurdly long power cord (There are some options to this) is a pleasure. Just a short USB to USB micro charging cord will work - fine. But if you want to transfer your photos directly to a computer, you will probably want to use the included cable since not all third party cables while they will charge, may not support data transfer. Not an issue for me since I normally remove the card and download directly from it into my laptop or desktop. Will it make me a better photographer? That is up to me but at least i have a terrific tool at my disposal. In summary, this is a purchase I'm very happy I made.
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May 17, 2020 by cwincald
Great upgrade
Bought this to replace an OMD M10. The main feature that attracted me was the weatherproofing. It is slightly more complex to learn than the M10 but I have enjoyed the process. And being weatherproof has meant taking it out on occasions when I would have left my camera at home in the past. and taking more photos means getting better at it, at least that's the plan. Another feature I really like is the articulating screen. All in all I'm very happy
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March 8, 2020 by Bill
I love the size and speed of this camera.
I love the size and speed of this camera. The autofocus is amazing and being able to focus and take the picture just by tapping the screen is awesome. I look forward to discovering all the capabilities of this camera. My only disappointment and word of caution is that it doesn't work with Olympus Capture. I didn't realize the software existed until after I purchased the camera. It works with the older Mark II and the better E-M1's, but not the E-M5 Mark III. I don't quite get that.
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