December 9, 2020 by Max
Same as the TG-5 just bigger rear screen, I returned it.
I returned the next day when i bought it, no different that the TG-5, just bigger screen in the back, wow big improvement there Olympus, the specs are the same, as a first time camera then yes its good and awesome, im not understandign why the TG-6 came out beign that is the same but bigger screen, no new features or settngs.
July 12, 2022 by Sarah
I am extremely disappointed in my recent experience with Olympus. In the month of July I planned two dive trips to the Bahamas, so I treated myself by upgrading from my beloved TG5 Underwater camera to the new TG6. On the second day of the first trip the camera began malfunctioning and by the end of the trip it clearly had water damage and stopped working altogether. Because I have previously owned the same camera, just an older model, I know the precautions to take before using in the water (making sure all latches are closed AND locked) and I am confident that the water damage in this camera was due to a manufacturing error, not an error on my behalf. After returning from my first trip with few pictures, I emailed Olympus and did not receive a response. The next day I called customer service, and was told my only option is to ship it to a service center. This means that I will not be able to have a working camera for my upcoming trip either. I am extremely disappointed in both the quality of my camera and the quality (or lack thereof) in customer service on Olympus' end. After using my TG5 for so many years, I had no doubt that I would be an Olympus customer for life, but this recent experience has convinced me otherwise. I do not recommend purchasing the TG-6 camera or from Olympus at all.
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February 5, 2022 by Jorrit P.
False advertising and poor consumer service
After having owned a Canon Powershot D10 for about a decade (2010-2020), we decided to upgrade to Olympus Tough TG6, intending to use it for our long-distance hiking trips. The Olympus Tough TG6 was advertised as rugged, but it failed halfway on our first 300-mile hiking trip, leaving us unable to record the amazing vistas we hiked through along the Pacific Crest Trail / John Muir Trail. The camera was draining the battery quickly, and intermittently failed to turn on even with a fully charged battery. After returning from our trip in summer 2020, we contacted Olympus support and sent in the TG6 for repairs. The repair department instructed us to be careful with the camera, implying that we had somehow damaged it, even though we took good care of camera. And they instructed us to wrap the camera in a protective sleeve they provided. Next summer, 2021, we took the camera on our 300+ mile hike in the Klammath Mountains. Unfortunately, the camera failed again shortly after the start of our trip, leaving us with no way to record our special memories. After this trip, we contacted Olympus again. They said that the warranty had expired and that they could not replace the camera or offer a refund. Instead, they offered to repair the camera for $180 . In summary - the Olympus TG6 is marketed falsely as being tough. Also, Olympus customer service failed to come through in dealing with this apparent design or manufacturing defect.
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