February 11, 2020 by Michael or Pipefittermike
Awesome Camera, Even with 4k video time limit
I previously owned the TG-4 camera and wanted to upgrade to get the 4k video option and the new focus and underwater features. I think the improvements on the TG-6 are worth the upgrade, however i was disappointed to discover that while recording in 4k 30p you have a time limit that the camera can record before it stops, the bigger the SD card you have, the longer it records....for instance i used a 256gb SD card and when empty the length i could film was for 5:26 secs, and as the card fills up it gets shorter. It wouldn't be bad if the camera would just start recording again, but it doesn't, you have to push the record button again to continue, it should be automatic and continue to record! just like my 4k osmo pocket camera. Hopefully it will be in a camera update! I had to keep turning it on when i was recording Manta Rays in Hawaii, and missed all the in between videos when the camera had gone off and i didn't know it... I did put the camera thru its paces though, spending 30 days is Hawaii and snorkeling with it every other day, it really is a great little camera.
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January 3, 2020 by Brandi
Even better than I had hoped
I have been using strictly DSLR cameras in my last ten years of travel and was wary about switching to a non-DSLR camera as I start exploring underwater photography. The features and accessibility of the TG6 has blown me away, though. I purchased it mostly because I am interested in quality macro and I have not been disappointed!
December 24, 2019 by Micah
Robust. Reliable. Resilient
Insanely resilient little camera here. I grew tired of gopros and the like for underwater photography and wanted something a little more robust and this camera has by far exceeded my expectations.
December 21, 2019 by Luis
Great all around point and shoot
Just picked this up to replace my TG-4. I am very impressed by the change of feel of the body. The features have been updated very nicely. The macro abilities are outstanding. The ability to shoot 4k and slo-mo is a great add on. I am just relearning the device. If my older camera had not been stolen, I would not of known how well made the TG-6 was made. Great bargain during this sale.
December 21, 2019 by Diver Down
Great Camera For SCUBA & Underwater Photography
I'm a scuba diver who does underwater photography. I previously owned a different brand of underwater camera, until it recently died. The TG-6 was recommended to me by a fellow diver and I did numerous comparisons between the other brand and the TG-6. The bottom line is I wish I would've went with the TG line way back when, when I first started shooting photos/video underwater. The TG-6 is superior in every way!!!
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