May 22, 2020 by Merrill
Super camera...
Great Camera ..I've taken over 10,000 underwater photos with the TG-3 and TG-6 ..All printed great up to 11 X 14. Wished list is the same with 20 megapixels plus
May 10, 2020 by Random guy 70
Still learning more options. Will keep me busy learning new tricks for a while.
Sized right for taking on hikes, bikes and not afraid to take on a canoe trip. Likes; micro, slow motion, auto point and shoot, and the option to go under water.
April 17, 2020 by Ronald
It is a great all around camera that you don't have to worry about getting wet and can stick it in your pocket and use it for a multitude of different types of photography.
I have had several of the TG series cameras over the years, including the previous TG5. I was reluctant to upgrade to the TG6 as I had read there were only minor improvements. After getting the TG6 I discovered there was quite an improvement over the previous model. Camera was more responsive, the LCD screen is a major improvement and image quality seems greatly improved. I normally shoot with the OMD EM 5 Mk2, EM1 Mk2 & the new EM1 Mk3. That said it takes a lot for me to compare this camera with the Olympus Pro level cameras. Will it do what they do? no But, it definitely has a place in my bag. I have used it for street photography, underwater and played with the macro side of it, all with great results. We have a Koi pond the size of a small swimming pool. A couple of years ago I used the TG5 to shoot some underwater footage of the fish. It had a difficult time focusing and image quality was just okay. I recently took the TG6 and shot some video and still shots of the fish. The TG6 stayed right on focus, even when the fish came right up to the camera, then suddenly moved off. If they suddenly swam right in front of the lens, it focused immediately. My TG5 would not do this, plus the video image quality was much better with the TG6, as well as the underwater still shots. I recently did some street scenes at a local town square. I belong to a couple of photography clubs and they thought I was using my OMD EM1 Mk3 when they saw the shots!
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March 15, 2020 by Courteny
It's great
I love that I can take this to the lake or the river, hand it to the kids, or just throw it into my bag and it won't bother it at all. The picture quality is good and I don't have to be nearly as careful about what happens to it as I do with my other cameras. I love it, definitely worth the investment.
February 14, 2020 by Sergei
Loaded with tons of helpful and amazing features. Rock solid built.
I had most of all Tough TG series due to exceptional quality, easy way of using abs features. I had tried Nikon similar series but went back to Olympus mostly due to ergonomic design and camera features.
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