August 23, 2019 by Cheryl
For what it is, good enough
Just a couple of minor quibbles--the menus could indeed be more intuitive--something along the lines of my trusty old Stylus 740 would've been nice--and honestly, would it have broken the bank to have the memory card included? It's not as if the camera would be of much use without one, after all!
August 15, 2019 by Tom
The TG-6 is a high quality camera for its class.
The TG-6 body construction is solid and the controls are easy to manipulate unless one has large hands. Menus are numerous, and could be a bit more intuitive. Picture quality is great, as expected. Concerning charging, batteries, etc.,. No charger is included with this camera considering the relatively high price compared to others in its class. Olympus included a charging cord for the purpose of charging the battery while it is still in the camera. Not a very practical option for most people, that like to shoot photos and video. Overall, I am very satisfied with quality and performance of the TG-6 even though I have not used it underwater yet. I would have awarded it 5 stars if it had a charger and lens cap included in the box.
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March 11, 2022 by Robert
No shutter speed setting — and sinks like a stone
For all of this camera's wonderful features, when familiarizing myself with it I soon discovered that there was no way to set the shutter speed, other than indirectly through aperture and ISO. That's a distinct shortcoming. If the camera can have an Aperture priority setting, it should also have a Shutter priority setting. Unfortunately, I never really got a chance to explore its possibilities. My primary motivation for buying it was for a planned trip to Hawaii, to use for underwater shots on snorkeling trips. I was no sooner off the boat and into the water than I somehow dropped it, and we were never able to find it again (despite the red color, clear waters, 20-30 ft. depths and my belief that I had the wrist strap around my wrist; somehow, it was suddenly gone...). I would suggest that, at the very least, OM Systems provide an option of an attachable float that would prevent the camera from sinking (if not build that function into the camera) — something that, in retrospect, I wish I'd figured out how to provide myself. But at this point, all my memories of snorkeling the tropical reef are the pictures that I didn't get...
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March 10, 2022 by Michael
Great camera when there is no interior condensation on the lens or back display panel.
The TG-6 is an excellent camera that produces great images when the lens and the back display are not fogged up by condensation on the inside of the camera. I used it while snorkeling in Hawaii and an hour into the snorkel trip the back display panel developed condensation on the inside making it difficult/impossible to view the potential subjects. The next day while ziplining the lens and back display developed condensation about two hours into the trip. Fortunately I had my old TG-5 with me and it performed perfectly under the same conditions. I just received my TG-6 back from the Olympus repair shop and they said the camera was fine and should perform in this manner. That response was very disappointing as there are some real improvements in the TG-6 that I really like but it will be hard to trust the camera as I missed some critical shots while in Kauai due to the frequent internal condensation.
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October 10, 2020 by Jed
Good Camera but with many annoying problems
No problem with picture quality or the camera quality in general. However their are some very annoying problems: Very short battery life when filming in 4K Button to start and stop videos is very tiny ( a very small recessed red dot ) that makes it very hard to stop and/or start videos. It would be much better if the shutter button could be programed to start and stop videos when it is in the video mode. The battery compartment and the USB compartment doors have very very tiny slides and safety catch that makes it very hard to open and even harder to close. A big time waster when you want to switch out the battery for example. The plastic protective cap over the camera lens costs 50.00 EXTRA. It should be free or at the most maybe 12.00 The viewfinder is easily scratched since in is flat and not at all protected on a camera that is supposed to be tough
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