July 8, 2020 by ROBERT
Great replacement for the TG-830.
I got this to replace a TG-830 that I loved until it developed an electrical issue that I could not get repaired. So far the transition has been seamless and the TG-6 is a wonderful camera. I like the idea of additional lenses and I may invest in one down the road.
July 8, 2020 by Mike.
Positive with single negative!
Camera and accessories are great! Only breakdown in process is the difficulty of downloading photos thru IPhone! Olympus needs to update the sharing app.
June 20, 2020 by Brian
Amazing Camera!
I bought this camera for an upcoming trip to Alaska. My friend recommended this camera because it is used by personnel living at the South Pole. So far it takes amazing photos and the macro mode is amazing! I love taking underwater photography photos so I will soon purchase the underwater housing. I love that you don't have to carry a separate charger for the battery, the USB cable just plugs straight into the camera!
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May 22, 2020 by Merrill
Super camera...
Great Camera ..I've taken over 10,000 underwater photos with the TG-3 and TG-6 ..All printed great up to 11 X 14. Wished list is the same with 20 megapixels plus
May 10, 2020 by Random guy 70
Still learning more options. Will keep me busy learning new tricks for a while.
Sized right for taking on hikes, bikes and not afraid to take on a canoe trip. Likes; micro, slow motion, auto point and shoot, and the option to go under water.
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