March 1, 2019 by Clinton
Buy this camera or any Olympus OM-D
I received my E-M1X on Tuesday and over the last three days I have pushed my limits on what I thought cameras could do. I made the switch from Nikon to Olympus on the basis on smaller lenses faster shutter speed and being able to handhold a longer exposure. My initial thoughts on this body are: it is by far one of the best laid out and ergonomically pleasant camera I have held in a long time, it ships with two batteries and two chargers so it is ready to impress on day one, it isnt a heavy or awkward camera to field. I am looking forward to pushing this machine to its limits when motocross and the weather improves so I can take it to the beach and test the weather sealing. The 5 axis stabilization works beautifully the built in GPS seems to work well I am still poking at the wifi functionality and remote functions but so far they are a little clunky. I hope this gets resolved or I get better at connecting the devices. If you do not need this kind of beast the smaller brother E-M1 is as capable and reliable camera and was a close second to getting the M1X. Over all this is a very impressive camera and very well thought out. Can't wait to fully embrace the Olympus system.
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October 22, 2020 by Bob
Trying to get there a day at a time.
Because I have only had the M1X for a little more than 1 week I would never suggest my review is in any regard a comprehensive one. I've watched this body for over a year now and my reluctance to own it was overcome by the remarkable $ 1000 discount sale. Because I have lot of previous experience with OMD cameras the daunting menu came as no surprise but is less than Ideal none the less. I understand this camera is aimed at Professionals and so there may have been some feeling that those who buy it don't need any help getting comfortable using its many features. So each day I try to move my knowledge forward a little at a time. Not to be too critical, the downloadable manual really leaves something to be desired ( but then that is par for the course regarding manufactures manual efforts. Wonder if there is anyone out there working on an aftermarket manual/tutorial that can help us mortals out here hoping to master to a better degree this awesome instrument.
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March 11, 2022 by Grace
who can help me
this camera is not so good, I wanna use this to shoot my daily vlog, but i think it is not suitable for shooting video cuz it is a little bit heavy. And sometime it will shut down automatically, i don't know why, who can help me!!!!!
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