March 23, 2020 by Walt
Great camera & excellent value
I have owned this camera for a couple of weeks now. It replaces a Canon Rebel which I've owned for ten years or so. The technological advancements made during this period of time is unbelievable. I am very pleased with the features of the E-M10 Mark III, especially the image stabilization capability. I am still learning how to operate its many functions but so far I am quite happy with my purchase.
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November 12, 2019 by Frank
Nice Camera
OM-D E-M10 mark iii review: Comparing OM-D EM-10 mark ii with OM-D EM-10 mark iii I have been telling my self for a long time I would not buy the EM 10 mark iii because after looking at reviews and video’s I did not feel there was enough difference to justify it over my mark ii. It turns out I was kind of right. OK, so the EM-10 mark iii was offering improvements: slightly better image stabilization faster focus and facial recognition faster processing engine a little faster fps in sequential shooting a simplified menu system 4k video 120 fps video for slow motion (limited time spec). body design change with larger grip but, (more plastic) The addition of (AP) advanced photo mode (basically a shortcut to special features) What do you loose: less flexibility in customization.(this is kind of a big one) The ability to set video preference through all modes when not in video mode. Perhaps a little less feel to build quality. (Still really good though) No more My Set Only have 2 function buttons instead of 3 (actually 6 programable) No add on grip (however, there is a 3d party grip available) works good. SUMMARY: I am really a fan of the tilt screen over the fully articulating screen. Olympus only does the tilt screen with there OM10 models. So since my OM10 mark ii is a few years old thought I might take the price advantage and buy a second OM10 mark ii body (just in case). I ultimately decided to take a leap of faith and bought the OM10 mark iii body. I think I made an OK choice. The difference between the 2 models, arguably similar, with the older model perhaps offering more flexibility. However, the changes for me offer some welcome enhancements for a few dollars more. You can still accomplish all the same things but are somewhat dependent on some well chosen and optimized defaults. My first feeling was a bit of culture shock. For those who feel Olympus menu system was tedious will find this one concise, intuitive, and well organized. The new AP mode shortcut feature, allows you to get to features which were more difficult to reach on the older model. It addresses quickly getting to Live Comp, Live Time, HDR, Silent Mode, Panorama, Key Stone effect, and AE & AF bracketing (Note: Silent mode is only achievable with this shortcut). However, for each choice it resets all other choices to factory or what they set as default, may perhaps be parameters which you wish to change. You have to go into the menu system to make the changes (a big one is focus it goes back to 121 area layout. It may set up VIVID and you want Monochrome. You have to set up your choices for each selection. It does not save your changes so when you go out and back in you have to re-set your preferences again. Don’t know why they did that (especially silent mode). Also, to get flexibility in video, you have to put the camera in Video mode. Shooting from any other mode defaults you to Program and Standard Video. Which is ok but you have no flexibility. You must set the camera in video mode if you want 4k, Clip, or High Speed. This takes a little getting use too, but doable and the results are positive. The Clip choice is especially annoying because, you have to move the dial to movie mode before you can shoot a clip. Then you have to reset your shooting choices (in particular focus area). For me shooting a clip is somewhat a spontaneous choice while shooting stills (something strikes as worthy of grabbing a clip. However, by the time you go through the changes necessary you most likely missed the shot. I have a hunch the more I use the mark iii, it may become my go to camera for general shooting and street photography (mostly because of the faster processing and slightly faster focus and face detection). The image quality is pretty much the same they do use the same sensor. I have always gotten great results with my EM 10 and mark ii. So great is great. If you are primarily interested in still photography, and want a camera to grow your skill set I think the E-M10 mark ii may be the better choice. If you want to keep it more simple and want a camera which will give you consistent good results in both video and stills (and or understand the limitations with the mark iii). Then you will be happier with the mark iii. Hope my review was informative and helpful. Thanks for looking.
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May 15, 2019 by Kevin
Solid performer
Remarkable stabilization and a much improved menu system make this camera easy to love. I have always liked Olympus's take on colors and I love that the viewfinder changes as you move settings. The only negative I can think of is the placement of the on/off switch... but I think they just ran out of space to put it elsewhere. In all: a fine little camera
January 8, 2019 by cleanhead
Great Litte Camera
I bought the Olympus because I wanted a mirrorless camera that was small enough and light enough to take anywhere. I sold my Sony A6000 because I was disappointed with a general lack of features - I particularly did not like its EVF. The Olympus has everything I want - the photos are amazing and the EVF is the best I've seen. I love it.
December 1, 2017 by Adam
its above average
its pretty good
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