January 20, 2020 by Lacey
Overdue upgrade
I have had an Olympus DSLR since 2006. I have not used it regularly in a few years, but really wanted to get back into using an exchangeable lense camera. This took some adjusting to, being so many years newer, and smaller. The images are crisp and I am learning the change in button layout and loving the wifi upload, real-time aperature adjustment before I take the picture, and touch screen. I have only scratched the surface of what it will do! The smaller lenses are also great, though it would have been nice to use my older Zuiko lenses. They feel bulky on the smaller body, and do not work as I was hoping with the adapter.
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January 10, 2020 by Chuck
Fantastic Camera
I just purchased an OM-D EM-1 Mark II and an assortment of lenses for my use. I love it. I wanted my wife to enjoy the same "photographic high" I am now on. So we purchased this smaller version for her (and me) to use. High on my list is low weight, great image quality, availability of lenses, and the overall cost. This camera gives outstanding image quality using the kit pancake lens and can use the new Olympus Pro lenses that I just purchased. The image color is outstanding right out of the camera. I am amazed at the image detail that the E-10 mIII can deliver. We are so pleased with this camera. I read somewhere that “The best camera is the one that is with you”. The OM-10 E-M10 assures that I (we) will always have a great camera with us.
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December 31, 2019 by Martin
Great on the go and back up camera
I did a lot of looking for a great full featured backup camera to my OM-D E-M1 Mark II. The OM-D E-M10 Mark III is perfect for my needs. No sacrificing quality for a smaller, easier to carry camera. Especially for when I want a camera for the unexpected opportunity without the bulk of my bigger camera.
December 6, 2019 by Rose
Great camera for beginners and enthousiasts
I shopped around for quite a long time before choosing this camera and I am so happy of my choice! As I am still begining in the art of photographe, I needed a camera that had c'est features but was still somewhat easy to use and to understand. Let me tell you that this bad boy delivers!
November 14, 2019 by Sarah
Perfect Travel Companion!
I'm a casual hobby photographer, and I recently traded in my old DSLR (which I never took anywhere for its large size) for this micro four thirds camera. This is my first Olympus camera, and I am sold on this brand and format! The size of the camera is absolutely perfect for packing around while travelling, and I loved how it felt in my hands instantly (it just felt 'right', which is very important in choosing your camera). I've mostly gravitated to shooting photos using the aperture priority mode, and I am happy with the quality (I mostly view on my phone and/or post photos to Instagram - I was worried at first but have not noticed the fact that it only has a 16mp sensor, for my needs it is more than adequate). I also love to use the 'clips' feature in video mode to make montage videos of my travels. I am loving the pancake lens that came bundled with this system, it makes such a tiny footprint in my travel bag. The wide array of lenses available for this camera system was also what sold me on it. Choosing this camera to be my new photography partner was easy - the hardest part was choosing which colour! Looking forward to many more trips with this camera!
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