March 23, 2020 by Walt
Great camera & excellent value
I have owned this camera for a couple of weeks now. It replaces a Canon Rebel which I've owned for ten years or so. The technological advancements made during this period of time is unbelievable. I am very pleased with the features of the E-M10 Mark III, especially the image stabilization capability. I am still learning how to operate its many functions but so far I am quite happy with my purchase.
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February 21, 2020 by Michael
Great product at a great price.
Wanted a decent camera that won’t break the bank. Bought it based on reviews in a couple of “magazines”. It’s so nice to have a camera that is light and so much better than my IPhone X. Easy to learn and fun to shoot.
January 31, 2020 by Lourie
Great camera and value. So stylish.
Love this camera!
January 30, 2020 by Stanley
Highly recommend for people looking for new system in digital age.
Fabulous camera with ability to do all functions. On learning curve but with repetitive use should be no problem. Light weight and compact makes it great travel camera.
January 25, 2020 by Jeff
Small form factor, great pictures
Smaller sensor means a smaller camera and smaller lenses, but still great pictures. I really like the feel of the dials. They rotate with just the right amount of effort. I tried a Fujifilm at the store, and the exposure compensation dial needed a thumb and finger to rotate. The EM10 needs just one. All Olympus lenses are second to none in performance vs value. And it is very reasonably priced compared with competitors. Suggest these sites on Youtube to learn: Peter Forsgard, Robin Wong, Rob Trek. Very satisfied.
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