December 14, 2017 by Phil
Camera that can take it all.
Just got my TG5. I had my TG2 for 4 years of HARD abuse. I'm talking, wading in deep water, dropped on boulders, and on endless hikes. If the TG5 is anything like the ol TG2, I'm sure it will last.
December 11, 2017 by Patty
Awesome Point and Shoot w/ many advanced options.
Awesome little point and shoot camera. So far have captured sharp, crisp outdoor photos in all lighting conditions. Have not been able to use for underwater photography yet. Wonderful selection of features. Very happy with the ability to shoot in RAW.
December 7, 2017 by Cory
Looks like it will be even better than my trusted TG-2
Just received the TG-5 to replace my TG-2 which was having auto focus problems in low light when zoomed. So far I like the newer features. The grip is better, the front ring locks (I lost them all on the TG-2) and the zoom lever is in a better position. Menus are different which will take some adjusting as I knew where everything was on the old one even in the dark. I take this camera everywhere and wore the name off the old one so I expect to be just as pleased. It is a great camera when I don't need all the abilities of my E-M10 and greater portability in harsh places. Picture taking starts tomorrow.
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November 27, 2017 by Slyfisher
Pretty good but not intuitive
Great underwater, like the available lenses, most functions easy and intuitive. Recording video is cumbersome and awkward compared to my previous P&S. Also adjusting exposure, iso etc really awkward for advanced shooting. Try to capture a sunrise or sunset with varied exposure and you miss the shots. Same with capturing insects in Microscope. Will continue to study the 134 page ONLINE ONLY manual and look to Olympus tips for easier operation. Would buy again when radically discounted.
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October 2, 2017 by daniel
Highly recommended
This Camera is amazing. I use the microscope setting a lot. The results are awesome. The underwater pictures are great. It is the perfect outdoor camera. The best camera for traveling.
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