May 22, 2019 by Mohammad
Great but can still improve
Great camera for underwater macro and wide range of accecories but theres alway room for more imporvement
May 14, 2019 by Jim
Cool, tough, and excellent!
The TG-5 is such a cool camera! It’ll go anywhere in any weather and it’s underwater capabilities are excellent. I’m impressed by the sharpness, zoom range, and the quality of images. I thought so much of this camera that I purchased a second one after my original was waterlogged due to user error (always check to make sure the doors are closed and double locked).
May 14, 2019 by Ed
Great camera...needs a software update for US market
Love Tough cameras...but software needs an update for US market. The ruggedness of the camera and image quality are great. Wish the activity tracker actually provided temperature in Fahrenheit. Thinking this is a firmware update Olympus could provide for US market especially considering price point of this camera
May 9, 2019 by john
love this camera, with a few gripes
I'm a commercial photographer and wanted something I could get wet and not care about that didn't cost a fortune. This is perfect for that, the photos are decent, and it's great for the beach, boat, or vacations. Build quality is excellent, and photo quality will be great for most people. It's basically a purpose-built cell phone camera in a waterproof body, but you get much better results. SURPRISINGLY AWESOME: the macro mode is insane - nearly as good as my pro camera. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!: No lens cap? They make an adapter kit with one that spins over the lens ring. For $450, it needs that $10 part included. YOU SHOULD ALSO BUY: a silicone cover sleeve is about $30 and makes the camera stick to wet hands like velcro.
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May 5, 2019 by Inspector Nick
I utilize this camera for home inspection. Should anyone require a camera that has a date stamp function, this camera does NOT offer that (I didn't know that wasn't an option until after I bought it). Wi-fi connection only works for about 20 seconds, and only within a few feet of the camera. Zoom isn't much of a zoom. Even with the added zoom lens, it isn't much and there is nothing in between. Every other picture comes through blurry, so you have to pay attention to each picture. I wanted to return the camera, but they wouldn't take it back after 30 days, only offered to look at it to see if they could repair it. I hadn't opened the camera for about 6 weeks after I purchased it, so I guess I screwed myself there. Not worth the $600 for the camera and associated accessories.
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