July 24, 2017 by Dis
Don't buy for video and especially for slowmo
Video is disappointing, slow motion especially. Here is why. Slowmo (or high fps) is limited to 20 sec shooting only, and it is simply impossible to catch the moment. If you want to shoot a slowmo action in nature (e.g. butterfly) and you don't know when the action will happen, then you have to press the record button again and again and sometimes the action will be missed. I understand that this limitation may come from the MCU, memory buffer and/or battery to prevent things from overheating/overloading/overflowing, but the camera will allow me to hit the record button again and again, so I really don't understand why not to increase shooting time for slowmo or at least not to allow batch recording when you don't need to hit the button again and again manually. And here we come to the next problem. If you want to shoot yourself (i.e. your own action) - you can't! Because after you hit the button and go to do an action - recording will stop. And more, you can't start slowmo recording from your phone remotely - the app will not allow. Why? I understand it might be again because of the MCU limitation that will not allow to record slowmo and translate the video to the phone, bu why not to allow remote start without video preview - just a remote start... Another problem with slowmo is that refocusing is not available during recording. It's probably again because of the MCU limitations, but again very disappointing. You have to know the focus before you hit the button - so again you can't screening yourself, if you are not in the frame before you hit the button or you can't follow the object during slowmo (e.g. a bird), because it will be out of focus. I don't blame no-stabilization for slowmo - this is very understandable. And more problems with video - any video, not just slowmo. It won't work in low light. Video in "challenging conditions"? (citation). Video in low-light? No! I tried to capture video in low room/garage light. It won't get it. You know why? Because It's low light. Stills with full open (2.0) in the same conditions with ISO 640 shows 1/10. But when I switch to the video (where I can't even choose shutter speed/aperture/iso manually - how it can be claimed "with pro features"?) it can't manage it and make the video dark even if I bias exposition to +2 and see it bright on the screen (I guess because 1/10 is lower than 1/60 which is needed for 30fps settings due to 180 degree rule... but why it won't rise ISO...). So, the video is total disappointing on TG-5, and slow motion is almost useless. It's pity that marketing tells it's a powerful MCU while there are so many limitations. I hope some of them Olympus will fix in the next release - e.g. will increase slowmo duration and allow batch recording without hitting the button as well as allow to start slowmo recording remotely. Also I hope there will be manual mode for the video. All these are software features that Olympus can do! 3 stars for now (would set 2 if not microscope).
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July 13, 2017 by Angel
Love it!!
I love it, had the TG-2 , loved it, cant wait to use on my coming up vacation to cancun
July 5, 2017 by Ed
Good camera, except for poor panoramas.
Overall, a good camera that delivers what Olympus promises. Its one fateful flaw is that its panorama feature does a poor job of stitching together images.
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