October 23, 2019 by Jim
Long lasting
This battery really does the job. Long lasting and it seems pretty tough. This is an easy recommendation to make.
May 31, 2019 by Albert
Long life
Much longer life than the smaller battery for my EM1.1. One battery easily lasts me all day, even several days. Having the need for only one spare is great. Currently higher priced on Olympus site than other sellers
March 12, 2018 by Clayton
Quality Battery!
A little pricey but worth it. You have a great camera don't skimp on the battery.
February 7, 2018 by jason
Pricier than 3rd party but worth it
I own 3. I never did buy 3rd party batteries because they don’t accurately tell you the power remaining. These are great batteries.
February 4, 2018 by John
Compared to Amazon prices.
Very pricey.
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