January 29, 2018 by Steve
A Great Wedding Camera
I use this camera professionally for weddings and I just picked up another one for my second shooter. It's a nimble camera that is great for all day shooting such as a wedding. Combine it with the Pro and Premium lenses and you have a terrific lightweight system for weddings and portraits. It does fine in low light and now the F 1.2 Pro lenses make the extreme situations even easier to overcome. Seeing that I use the camera week after week as my job, I'm also glad to have the Pro Advantage program for repairs, cleanings, loaners, etc.
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December 4, 2017 by Gerald
Easiest Pro Level Camera To Use
As long time amateurs we wanted to move up to a more feature rich interchangeable lens camera - after reading many reviews and researching numerous websites we settled on the Olympus OM-D EM 1 MkII. I must say while the reviews and ad copy were accurate they really can't do justice to the current OM-D system with M.Zuiko PRO lenses. They are in a class by themselves when you factor in price and ease of use!
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November 24, 2017 by Joe Edelman
This camera has put the FUN back in professional photography
I have been a working photographer for over forty years using Nikon cameras. I always subscribed to the mentality that bigger is better on all levels and never looked seriously at the alternatives - boy was I WRONG! I was introduced to Olympus by some fellow YouTube photographers and decided to rent an E-M1 Mark II and a few of the Pro lenses to test it out. This camera has exceeded my expectations at every level. The ergonomics of the Olympus design are excellent - everything is simply where "it should be". The build quality is awesome. For its small size this camera is solid and feels every bit a pro camera and the image quality is superb! I proudly own two Mark II bodies and a full complement of Zuiko Pro lenses and can confidently say that I will be an Olympus user for the rest of my career.
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November 19, 2017 by Tim
Em 1 can run with the big boys.
Is it cheating to comment on the EM 1? I hope not. I have owned it now for about a year, and am currently using a Pentax K1 along side it. And what I have to add to the other reviews is this - the OMD EM 1 (even my older version) gives up nothing to the full frame 36 megapixel K1. With Luminance set to about 20 in Lightroom the small disparity in noise disappears, and at anything less than 200% magnification you cannot tell one from the other, a remarkable achievement for a 4/3 lens I think.
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October 30, 2017 by Scott
Super high quality and a great camera!
I love this camera. I switched to it from a 1DsMk3 and this OMD E-M1 Mark II is far superior quality and operation. It's light weight and a powerful tool in my arsenal!
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