June 17, 2019 by asm140
A joy to use
I used an APS-C dSLR for many years and now that the e-m1 Mark II can do what I had before is great. Smaller overall (camera/lens) combo I enjoy be out there taking great images with getting tired of lugging that big gear around. For the type of photography that I do, wish this model had the joystick like the E-M1x has for selecting focus point. Looking forward to getting many keeper photos over the next while.
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June 13, 2019 by John
I like it...
I like it! Made the switch from Canon after noticing a large portion of my camera club was using Olympus. I was very impressed with their shared images. The body both feels really nice and fits perfectly into my man sized hand. I find the buttons are easily manipulated and well laid out which makes operating the camera effortless. Customizing button functions was fairly easy to figure out. Moving the focus function to the rear AEL button is super convenient for bird photography. The Depth of Field button on the front of the camera works surprisingly well - one of my new best friends... My only dislike is where they put the neck strap attachment point on top of the camera. I find it’s in the way of my trigger finger or sitting on top of the Fn2 button which I use to change the ISO. Overall, I’d say I’m very impressed and would certainly recommend.
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May 31, 2019 by Brian B.
Awesome camera
I consider myself a beginner photographer as my last camera was a 13 year old Canon Powershot S3is. I used this camera on a regular basis so moving up to a flagship camera like the E-M1 Mark II made me wonder if I was ready for this big of a jump. I have never owned nor really operated a removable lens camera before other than a few times. I must say I was overwhelmed and frustrated the first couple of days using the E-M1 but quickly learned by reading and watching some videos. I knew what challenges I would face from shooting a lot of wildlife, birds and insects with my old Canon and was sure I would face them on the new camera. I went right to work setting up a custom C1 and C2 on the dial for birds in flight and stationary birds and wildlife. I also set my focus to S-AF/MF for those shots in the trees or when the light wasn't great. I immediately started getting a lot more keepers and becoming quicker on my shots. The camera's menus are overwhelming and I have a lot to learn still but I am 100% happy with my decision. I was afraid the low light under canopy would cause issues not being a full frame sensor but I have yet to have this issue even on a cloudy day. Learning what to change settings to and having them at your finger tips to make changes on the fly makes the difference. I bought the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm II and the M.Zuiko ED 12-40mm f2.8 PRO with the camera. The 75-300mm lens is what stays on my camera 90% of the time and it has an excellent zoom. I have captured some very detailed shots with this lens but do see it's pros and cons not being a pro lens but once again, the more you learn the better the shots. Can't wait to add some more lenses to my collection!
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May 29, 2019 by Christopher
Best OM-D For Me!
This camera handles like a dream. It's perfect for my bigger hands, and with the pro-series lenses as well. Everything is top-notch, and I love being able to have 2 SD cards that back each other up, as I am paranoid about losing pictures whilst on holidays.
May 29, 2019 by Brien
Smart Choice
Left the Canon family after 10 years. Tried newer Canon, APS and FF Sony, but kept coming back to the Olympus and its size and feature set. Absolutely the best when it comes to a perfect fit in the hand and access to features
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