January 6, 2020 by Greg
Perfect upgrade
This is a great camera! It’s so light, quick response and amazing image quality. I upgraded to this from an om-d e-m10 after reading other great reviews And it just makes me so excited and more passionate about photography. I feel like it is much easier to use and it takes much better pictures. I definitely recommend.
December 29, 2019 by Scott
Still a Great Camera, in Fact Even Better
I purchased my first E-M1 Mark II in June 2017, when it was still pretty new on the market. I switched from the Canon 5D Mark III, and the compact size and unbelievable tech in this camera blew me away! As great at that camera was, through firmware updates it has gotten better and better. I jumped on a Black Friday deal and purchased a second E-M1 Mark II - 2 1/2 years later, it is still one of the best cameras on the market!
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December 20, 2019 by Adam
Amazing Camera makes me better every time
This camera was my first ever commitment toward a more full-featured, studio-ready setup vs. the smaller, more street-geared cameras I've been using the last few years. Was it a dive into the deep end of Olympus' OM-D line? Sure... but it was a fantastic choice! There are a ton of settings and lots of options to learn and work toward mastering before I'll feel even close to reaching full-potential of this camera, but all this power and these capabilities are a testament to how great this camera is and can be. I'm certain it has already elevated my photography, and I'm certain it's capable of doing si many times over as I unlock more of the greatness Olympus put into the E-M1 Mark II.
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December 10, 2019 by Gabriel
Wow, what a great camera!
Great camera with so many features. I felt I was running up against camera limitations with my E-M10 that were holding back my photography. With the E-M1 Mark II I feel like the camera will never hold me back. Great size and weight. Love the options to customize buttons. My only critiques of the camera would be that the viewfinder is looking a little dated compared to some of the newer cameras. Also it would be nice to have dual UHS-II card slots for such a fast shooting camera.
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December 3, 2019 by Steven
Awe inspiring
3 years ago if you asked me if I would ever go mirrorless, I would likely laugh at you. I was a fanboy of one of those other brands that starts with an N. Then, through a series of events way to long to post here...I ended up purchasing the E-M1 MkII. I have been nothing but amazed by the ability to get the shot, the absolutely wonderful glass and the weight savings means I can carry the body and a PRO lens with me every day, and maybe a prime or two for good measure. The ergonomics are perfect, everything is easy to reach, and image rendering does not disappoint.
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