April 15, 2020 by Donald J.
A Decade of Catching Up E-5 to E-M1 MK II
I had an E5 body and still have an E1 4/3 body with 15-54 MK1, 12-60 SWF and 70-300 lenses. My E5 with the 12-60 lens attached was stolen from a locked vehicle on a snowmobile trip. The E5 always worked, well beyond the operating range temps and took great shots while being very rugged. I was resistant to the OM line because of its newness and the electronic viewfinder and another new lens system. As an amateur photographer I want a reliable, consistent and sturdy camera that functions easily and quickly for people, landscape, action and is easy to handle. As a one armed individual any needless fiddling around is a burden. The E-M1 MK II with the MMF-3 Four Thirds Adapter solved my dilemma. After a reasonable learning curve my photographs equal or exceed my previous attempts and my 4/3 lenses all function as well or better on this body, it was a great benefit that I was able to use my legacy lenses. The metering and focus are exceptional. The size is much more manageable and the rear monitor with touch settings is quick and intuitive. The EVF is surprisingly excellent. Battery life is very good. It is likely that a Micro 4/3 lens or two will be added in the future. A summer on the motorcycle and ATV followed by a season of snowmobiling will verify my belief in this camera. Very happy with my decision.
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February 11, 2020 by Frank
Incredible Camera
The E-M1 Mark II is the first "Professional" camera I have ever owned and it has set the bar pretty high for me. I love how light and compact it is, but still feels incredibly stable and well made. The AF is so accurate and having IBIS is something incredible valuable for me as I really enjoy shooting in low light. Probably most important though is the image quality, I really feel as though I've taken my photography to another level thanks to the E-M1. Highly recommended.
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February 3, 2020 by Edwin
A worthy update to the already amazing EM1
Awesome camera. I had the Em1 for a while and it was a sweet little camera way ahead in quality against other similar cameras during it's time. I loved the compactness and lightness of the whole kit. The Em1 m2 is a big update to the Em1 and the 20megapixel sensor is superb and amazing. I love this camera!
January 19, 2020 by Cathleen
I purchased OMD E Mark ii and love it. It is a very light weight camera with a lot of punch. It is a learning curve but once you dig in its great for anything you want to do! Best Camera by far!
January 7, 2020 by Dan
The Best Camera I Have Ever Owned!
I have been making photographs for over fifty years and this is the best camera I have ever owned. I have had Olympus cameras ever since going digital in 2003. My OMD-EM1, Mk.2 does everything I want a camera to do. The hi-resolution function has allowed me to photograph an artist's painting so that he can reproduce it digitally. He was amazed to find that upon enlarging the image even the threads of the canvas were incredibly sharp. The focus peaking allowed me to bring the painting into perfect focus. The IBIS makes it possible to make photographs in the woods without having to lug around my tripod. Focus stacking works beautifully! I make a lot of still life photographs and it is great to have everything in focus even with the lens aperture wide open. I am a professional photographer and this camera has allowed me to create great images without having to spend time worrying about whether or not the camera was doing its job. Thank you, Olympus, for making my life easier!
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