January 17, 2017 by Erik
I'm shocked and awed
I had left Olympus when they all but abandoned Four-Thirds. I had a lot of money invested in the line, but when my E-3 started showing it's age, I moved on to another brand of DSLR. Over time, it became apparent what a mistake that was. The "Pro Level" lenses from this other brand just didn't come close to the contrast and clarity that the equivalent Olympus lenses did (look at those MTF charts and see for yourself). I started looking into Micro 4/3 and watched the OM-D develop for a few years. I really missed the ingenuity, capability - and mostly the photos - that my old Olympus gear could make. The straw that broke the camel's back (almost literally) came when I had to go for a week of camping and hiking with the other camera. The weight of my gear almost displaced the tent by weight. I suddenly realized I was hauling around accessories and gear for that camera that the OM-D line had built in to it's diminutive frame already! (for instance, wireless flash). That was it. I was going back to Olympus. When the EM-1 Mark 2 was announced, I waited patiently and put myself on the pre-order list. When it arrived, I was a bit dismayed at how small it was. I was actually a bit disappointed. But, when I actually picked it up at the camera store, the weight and solid construction put my fears to rest. The Mark 2 melted into my grip, and every button was right where it needed to be. It took me less than 50 exposures to get the Mark 2 customized to my liking, and to figure out what it did and what it would give me. I am overwhelmed by the image quality coming from the Mark 2 paired with the 12-40 PRO lens. The focus peeking is pure genius, and I'm only about 25% into exploring the full ability of this camera. The auto focus is about as fast as my eye (my eyeballs are a bit older now, admittedly), and the IS sets the EM-1 apart as the single most capable digital camera I've ever used. Best of all, this camera is so simple to clean without the complexity of a mirrored system!! It's impressive beyond compare, and at $2000 easily out-performs the pro-level competitive product I had been using before at ⅔ the price! The hardest feature to get over was that the viewfinder was an LCD, and not an actual view through the lens. However, the advantages of this quickly gained my respect as I realized I could run the entire camera through the viewfinder without every having to move my eye away from the lens. This is an operational speed advantage. I can set my customizations right from the view finder without having to look down at the back LCD. The camera that is with you at all times is the camera that's most capable of snapping the best shot, and the size and ability of the EM-1 Mark 2 make it a hands down winner to be there, and ready, when you need it most. Amazing.
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January 6, 2017 by Gerard
One Damn Nice Camera!
The OM-D E-M1 Mark II is a truly remarkable camera. Small and light, but feature packed and powerful. The images produced by this beast are second to none. With the EM-1 Mark II, I've found a camera that helps me to create the images I envision without compromise. And thanks Olympus. You've made photography fun again!
December 31, 2016 by Nick S.
Worth every penny.
Owned the Mark I and loved it, the Mark II takes that winning formula and makes it even better! The camera is super quick to do everything... focus, shoot, menus, you name it! The FPS you can get out of this camera is nothing short of amazing! Sure, you might be able to get a bit better low light performance by going full frame, but you wont get the very impressive Olympus IBIS, the great Olympus PRO lenses, and the size and weight savings!
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December 24, 2016 by Robert
One amazing camera. With my Pro lenses I am seriously knocked out with every detail. Well done
December 16, 2016 by Ron
Best Travel Camera EVER!
Outstanding camera that feels not too big, not too small, just right. Very solid build, fantastic image stabilization, and balances very well with the pro lenses (7-14, 12-40, 50 1.2, ...). Perfect camera for someone traveling or on the move who doesn't want to carry 10 pounds of glass lenses.
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