May 6, 2017 by Joseph
The perfect 4/3 camera
For years I have resisted using a camera with exchangeable lenses. I did not want to deal with the weight of the pricier DSLR's and the smaller cameras just didn't meet my criteria for what I wanted in a camera. Then the M1-Mark II came along. Every time I use it I feel amazed at its responsiveness, quick focusing, and great image resolution. The Zuiko Pro zoom lenses are the cherry on the top. Really happy I invested in the Olympus system.
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May 4, 2017 by jason
I love the camera and eagerly await some video and autofocus updates
My last camera was the Panasonic G7 with their 14-140 lens. I switched to the em1 mkii for stabilization benefits, cinema 4K, weather sealing, headphone jack, 2 sd card slots. My first impression was, wow, I liked the G7, but the ergonomics of the em1 mkii are even better! I like the button placement and it seems easier to use custom buttons etc. my second impression after using it with Olympus 14-150 and 75-300 was that, at least with those lenses, I feel Panasonic autofocus is better. I have found the focus hunt way more than expected. Hopefully it will get improved in an update. Hopefully I will also be able to buy some better Olympus lenses and check focus speed on them. I would like a flatter video profile, maybe some slow motion modes, and actual 237 Mbps in 4K cinema. Most people are getting like 50 or 70. Overall I really like it, I need more free time to actually enjoy it :) I am definitely looking forward to improvements with updates, that will make or break my long term view of the camera.
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April 19, 2017 by Judy
Great camera!
The E-M1 II exceeded my expectations! It's not my first four thirds camera, but up to now my primary camera was a Sony (A77) and my second smaller camera an E-M5. My A77 will go on ebay and I will use my new E-M1 II and my newer E-M5 II. After I started using the E-M1 II, I didn't want to use my old cameras any more. Why? First, fantastic image stabilization. If you hate tripods like I do, you will love this camera. Unbelievable and a game changer. I'm having so much fun indoors and outdoors at dusk and after dark. I like technology, and Olympus does not disappoint on that front! First is the incredible configurability. But also features such as pro capture (also a game changer!) and focus bracketing (and stacking if you have the right lens). And finally birders can feel comfortable with a non-DSLR camera! I appreciate the "fully" articulated LCD, but it's not as "articulated" as the Sony A77... I like being able to turn the LCD in to protect it and to not have it come on. I will miss in-camera GPS most of all. But you can't get everything you want... Dust reduction. That's something you just don't notice, until you compare the work you do to clean the sensor of other cameras... Excellent camera!
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April 15, 2017 by Rupinder
100% Happy!
I love this camera, it is the first pro-level digital camera that I have ever owned and most of my previous experience was with entirely manual film cameras, so this has been a big shift for me. It was easy to start taking photos right off the bat in P mode. This was a really valuable experience for me, since this camera does have a learning curve and there really is a lot to learn. I'm happy that I could focus on taking photos without thinking about the technical details too much, and without reading the manual at first. Now that I have read the manual, or a good chunk of it anyway, I do recommend taking notes and performing the actions listed as you read them. It's easier to remember where the buttons and menu items are when you do that, especially if you are new to pro-level digital cameras. I paired the camera with a Pro 12-40 lens as I wanted to be fully weatherproofed. I can happily report that both the camera and lens survived a rainy and snowy trip to Iceland without issue. It operated perfectly in freezing temperatures and it didn't mind getting wet. With the Pro lens, this camera focuses really quickly. I was able to take clear shots from a moving car and while I was walking. I am also in love with the stabilization as I love walking/driving and shooting; I rarely use a tripod. Getting a good shot during a night walk was also fairly easy, though manual focus tends to work better in the dark when there are no light sources around - for a night shot of a static subject I sit on the sidewalk and remain as still as possible while holding the camera, and due to the stabilization, I can still get a pretty clear shot without a tripod! The E-M1 ii feels perfect in my hands. I don't have small hands, they're somewhere between medium and large for a person my size. I also have occasional pain in one hand due to health issues, but operating this camera is a breeze for me. It's easy for me to hold the camera, press the buttons, and navigate the menu without pain. It truly is a joy to shoot with this camera, and I can't wait to grow my photography skills with it. I love taking it on walks with me and pretty much wherever I go. I am so happy I purchased the E-M1 - I'm rediscovering my love of photography all over again.
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April 10, 2017 by Richard
As an enthusiast instead of a professional I was somewhat conflicted about the need for the speed of the E-M1 MK II over the original E-M1. I thought that I would never use that speed. That is wrong. It helps in nearly every situation: Standard shooting is much faster. One of my favorites, focus stacking, is actually much easier, and even the high resolution mode is much better than it is with the Pen-F. The speed is much more than I expected and is obvious in every photo I take. The speed trumps everything. I like the higher resolution over the E-M1, but it was not enough to justify the camera. The change of battery was something I considered, It makes it difficult to carry the E-M1 MK II and the Pen-F at the same time. Still, the E-M1 MK II is an extraordinary camera. I will use both, but at different times and in different places.
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