November 11, 2016 by Betan
Love it!
My first time to own a macro lens. So far I 've only been using the MZ 12-40/f2.8 for the macro shots which I thought wwere fine. But compared to this - its beautiful. Build is fine for me. I like it because its small and light. But does not feel cheap. The magnification excellent - opens up a whole new way of looking at things. Have not tried the 60mm Macro - but saving a few hundred dollars I think is worth it - unless you really need to shoot insects from afar - this is an excellent entry point to Macro photography.
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October 8, 2016 by Micheal
Nice lens, but.....
I would kick it up another notch were it not for the raspy lens mount. I purchased the lens to replace the original 4/3 30mm x 3.5 that I use with the MMF adapter. Now after comparing the new lens to the old lens, I am returning it. While the glass is the usual Olympus superior quality, the physical build is not. Mounting the lens to either my E-M5 or E-M5 mk II is rough and scratchy making it feel like there is sand between the lens and the camera body. After processing and comparing several runs of shots on each body using both lenses, I really can't justify keeping it. I find the shallow depth of field is visually the same with both lenses even though the minimum focus is slightly closer on the newly released micro 4/3 lens.
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