April 28, 2017 by Ryan
Very good lens for a modest price
Although this probably isn't the absolute best macro lens available, it is in my opinion by far the best for its price. It allows you to take amazingly clear photos up close. The only flaw is that you do have to get very close to the subject to get a great photo, so it can be difficult to take good shots of living things.
April 14, 2017 by Scott
A great walk about lens for street shooting.
Purchased this last week on sale and it is worth full price honestly. Solid design and lens construction with a 40° Angle of View which gives it the feel of a slightly telephoto prime standard. It has an almost normal field of view broaching on the portrait side. Sharp as a tack at f/8.0 which is necessary when doing macro. I'm finding more uses for it every day.
November 11, 2016 by Betan
Love it!
My first time to own a macro lens. So far I 've only been using the MZ 12-40/f2.8 for the macro shots which I thought wwere fine. But compared to this - its beautiful. Build is fine for me. I like it because its small and light. But does not feel cheap. The magnification excellent - opens up a whole new way of looking at things. Have not tried the 60mm Macro - but saving a few hundred dollars I think is worth it - unless you really need to shoot insects from afar - this is an excellent entry point to Macro photography.
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January 2, 2019 by William
May just be perfect for you!
I only give it 4 out of 5 stars cause its not weather sealed, but this is a great "bang for your buck" lens. The 30mm Macro has proven to be a very useful workhorse. While the weather sealing and 1:1 lock on the 60mm is very nice, for the price point, the 30mm well holds its own. Its very sharp, and while it exhibits a little vignetting at larger apertures, I usually shoot stopped down to f/8 or so where its gone, and I find it an appealing feature when it does present itself at wider apertures. The wider FoV at any given magnification over the 60mm allows you to place macro subjects in a larger surrounding environment, so its not as subject-isolating as the 60mm. The slightly greater magnification 1:1.25 is nice too, when you need it.
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February 18, 2018 by Ken
Good beginner Macro. Nice contrast.
Good lens to get started with macro work. I bought it to have a small and light lens that traveled well. You have to get very close to your subject with this lens so lighting your subject can be hard. Overall it is sharp and does the job it was built for,
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