January 2, 2019 by William
May just be perfect for you!
I only give it 4 out of 5 stars cause its not weather sealed, but this is a great "bang for your buck" lens. The 30mm Macro has proven to be a very useful workhorse. While the weather sealing and 1:1 lock on the 60mm is very nice, for the price point, the 30mm well holds its own. Its very sharp, and while it exhibits a little vignetting at larger apertures, I usually shoot stopped down to f/8 or so where its gone, and I find it an appealing feature when it does present itself at wider apertures. The wider FoV at any given magnification over the 60mm allows you to place macro subjects in a larger surrounding environment, so its not as subject-isolating as the 60mm. The slightly greater magnification 1:1.25 is nice too, when you need it.
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October 24, 2018 by Ken
Sharp Sharp Sharp!
SHARP AND CHEAP! for the price you pay and the macro close focus this lens is sharp. you can create incredibly detailed distant landscape shots at F3.5. It rivals its weather sealed older sibling the 60mm for macro purposes. so unless you need to stand a bit father away from your subject and be in a wet environment, the 30mm Macro F3.5 lens works better for your wallet. in a pinch can act as a portrait lens but the 45mm olympus will do better at F1.8. Pairs excellently with the Pen F as a walk around camera and its JPEG engine renders beautiful landscape shots in decent light.
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October 24, 2018 by Danielle
Having a lot of fun with it.
This is my first macro lense and I love it. I like how light it is.
July 31, 2018 by William
If you don't NEED the 60mm, this is IT
Picked up this lens on a $99 sale thru #getolympus. I was dubious that it would come even close to the stellar and venerated 60mm Macro. Yes, its a 3.5 instead of 2.8, and its not weather sealed, and no, it doesn't have a hard lock at 1:1. But its been a great lens to shoot with regardless. maximum aperture of little concern, as you'll prolly be stopped down for macro DoF anyways (F/8 or more). Very sharp, quick to focus, and even focuses closer at a higher magnification than the 60mm. The wider field of view allows much more of the background/environment behind and around your subject, so they're less isolated and scientific looking than with the longer FL of the 60mm. This means its easier to depict your macro subject, even at 1:1.25, within its greater environment some. Of course, this also means you're closer to the subject, so flying insects become very difficult, tho not impossible, to photograph without a lot of patience as they get scared away. If you're an older photog like me, this is in many respects very, very similar to shooting with the venerable Nikon 55mm f/3.5 Micro-Nikkor on FF film, with similar aperture and focal length. Except if anything, this little olympus is even sharper. Even with its limitations vs the 60mm, I give it 5-stars for IQ, usability and the fact that its a great lens at an ever greater price.
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May 15, 2018 by MrMatrix
Great light weight macro lens
I own both of Olympus' macro lenses. I like the 60mm lens better than this one for the quality of the macro photos and having more distance available for dealing with living subjects. Where this one shines is its much lighter weight. When I’m putting on the miles out on a trail this makes a difference. Have been very happy with the quality of the images this lens has produced. I shoot macro quite often and can whole heartedly recommend this lens if you do, too.
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