May 15, 2021 by Gwiz
An outstanding optic
I've always had a macro lens in my camera bag. When I purchased my Pen F it was a question of which M Zuiko macro? The 60mm has very tempting features but the 30mm provides 1:1.25 magnification and getting close is what it's all about. Sharpness is outstanding. Build quality is excellent. While the 60mm may still end up in my kit I'm delighted to have purchased this lens first. Macro photography opens the door to an amazing world. The M Zuiko 30mm is an excellent way to start that adventure.
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June 5, 2020 by Jack
Sharp, light weight, easy to carry around.
I consider it my best Macro Lens. Sharp. Light, small. Simple. Very nice overall. My best Macro Lens.
April 9, 2020 by Phillip A
Good value, great quality!
This is my first macro lens. In addition to that, I'm a newbie in the whole area of serious digital photography. From what I can tell so far, this lens is typical M.Zuiko quality...which is to say, "It's great!" I like its weight and its sharpness. It will take me a while to grow into its capability.
December 12, 2019 by Andre
fast focus, sharp
Extremely compact ,very sharp, lens, mostly bought because of quick to focus when compared to 60mm Olympus f2.8 pro
July 21, 2019 by Steven
Great Multi-use Lens!
I'm a complete beginner to DSL photography, and I bought this lens, because I hope to eventually be able to take great macro/close-up photos. With this lens I'm well on my way. The lens is very light weight. Working with the OMD E-M10 Mark 3, the focus is very responsive and the stabilization is great. I can get very close to objects and get great focusing range, even while being handheld. I'm sure my photos will look even better when I attach a tripod and get a good flash as well. This lens also works great as a stand alone prime lens. I've gotten some very nice landscape photos and portrait photos as well. As a beginner I highly recommend this lens, if you want to do macro photography. Even if you are just looking for a decent prime lens, I think this works great as well. I'm sure skilled photographers can do a lot more with a lens like this than I can at the current time.
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