December 30, 2017 by David
An extraordinary--and extraordinarily versatile--lens
I had refrained from purchasing the 12-40mm f.2.8 because I felt the range was too low for my purposes. I have been using the 4/3rds 12-60mm, which suited my purposes better. When this lens came out I jumped on it. The optical stabilization works beautifully with the E-M1's IBIS, and the image quality is superb throughout the range. Olympus has a real winner here!
November 25, 2017 by William
An incredible lens
I rented and used this lens for an eleven day bus tour of Germany. The tour company's requirement of 6" X 11" X 12" for one's personal item (camera bag) size necessitated a change from my normal equipment. To reach that requirement, I rented the 12-100mm to compliment my E-M1mrII, 7-14mm, Olympus flash, and a 72mm filter. This lens covered interiors, exteriors, shooting in two rain storms (no other protection other than the camera and lens), cities, countrysides, Oktoberfest, fall colors, mountains (including Mount Zugsptize's snow, wind, and cold), handheld city lights at night, four successful over-the-head handheld 2 second shots, and even shooting from a moving bus which I had previously found to be impossible. I changed out my lens once for three shots of a doorway in a narrow passageway where I could not back up for proper coverage with the 12mm end of the zoom. I have never held a lens as versatile as this and probably will not again until I buy it. It changed what I am buying to complete my system's equipment.
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November 13, 2017 by Terry
Amazing Lens
This lens is amazing. being an equivalent of 24 to 200 mm on a full frame is amazing, Crystal clear through out the whole zoom range. Image stabilization combined with my OMD EM-1 is superior to the competition. This lens stays on my camera at all times, I only remove it if I need a lens that is longer or I require more light. For most people this will be the only lens you will need.
November 8, 2017 by Senior Sabattier
Ultimate base lens?
Amazing base lens and bang for your buck. Great close ups although not true macro. Very solid construction. Lens zoom doesn't slide out of position when facing down - excellent. Excellent fit and finish matches OM-D bodies. Easy switch to manual focus. Razor sharp images at all positions and decent bokeh at f4.0. Quiet and fast focusing. It has built-in IS too if that isn't enough!
November 5, 2017 by Donna
Loving this lens
Covers every angle I need in a lens, and does it while producing sharp images, pleasing colors, and the IS is stunning. Up close in the garden, wide for landscapes, wonderful street shooting, and perfect for the days when you want to carry light whether walking through the woods and fields or just out shooting whatever attracts your attention. A truly fabulous one and all lens.
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