June 13, 2019 by John
I like it...
I just made the switch from Canon to Olympus. I looked long and hard at how to best spend my limited resources on something versatile while giving me the best bang for my buck. The 12-100 mm f4 is just that. This lens gives me the equivalent of a 24-200 mm which pretty well puts a check mark in most boxes. Decent for landscapes, great for portraits and quite impressive for everything in between.
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May 20, 2019 by Renee
Wonderful very happy
Absolutely wonderful lens ,a little bit heavy ,but it is worth it sharp !
August 14, 2018 by Jeffrey
Not Worth The Money!!
I read a lot of reviews on this lens, and was so hopeful, even though leery of the extremely high price tag, to try it out. I purchased the lens last month, and have used it nearly everyday now in all types of situations, from city architecture to nature, to indoors, to sporting events. What I will say is the lens is OK. Pluses would be the nice zoom range from 12-100MM, and the additional IS within the lens. That said, I noticed absolutely no difference when shooting low lit scenes handheld if I had the IS turned on or off in terms of usable photos at slower speeds. The other pro is this comes with a hood, and a nice and smooth lockig hood at that. The other plus is the ease of going from auto to manual focus right on the body of the lens via sliding a collar up or down. The cons though are extreme. Purple fringing is TERRIBLE. barrel distortion between 12-25MM is TERRIBLE. It is very soft at the corners in all but F8 and F11, which is not what any review I read said. So, to me if I am paying $1200 for a PRO grade lens, I want to get that much more for my money. This is a highly overrated lens in my opinion, and frankly I am sorry I spent this kind of money on it as opposed to buying the 75MM F1.8 and another lens. It is pretty on the outside, but unless you shoot between 35-85MM and in bright light, it is definitely a bust.
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August 13, 2018 by Philippe
All In one - perfect for filming
This is the perfect lens for travel. You got a wide angle for landscape, you can do studio portrait, environnemental portrait and you can zoom up to 100mm (200m in 35mm format). F4 is great for outdoor. Also, its by far my favorite lens for video...the double IS (lens+OMD E1 MII) is simply extraordinary for filming. Its just so smooth and the zoom is important. An awesome lens, sharp and versatile.
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April 26, 2018 by Reno
Most useful lens in my bag
This has become my "go to" lens for everyday carry. Just finished a trip to Egypt, and I could have just taken this one lens for the entire trip. Great range, unbelievable IS (I was shooting handheld in temples with 2-4 second exposures), IQ is the equal of all of my Olympus lenses. I had special permission to shoot inside of several pyramids and temples -- I didn't need to switch to my faster lens. Note, I use the OM-D EM-5 Mk II and the latest firmware supports the special IS of the lens. I have several Olympus PRO lenses to compare this with.
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