May 29, 2018 by M&M
Excellent Voice Recorder with One Button Record
I have a couple of different voice recorders, including another Olympus (WS-821.) Compared to those, the VN-541PC is a basic, scaled-down version that's designed to be intuitive to use, with enough features to satisfy most users. You don't need to read the manual to use it - press one button to select the mode, and slide another to record. Want to transfer files to your PC? I use Windows 10 - plug in the recorder and it shows up as a removable device. The voice quality is decent - not fantastic - but decent. Of course you could use an app on your phone to record as well, but why kill the battery any faster than you need to? For the price I doubt you'll find a better recorder that's as easy to use.
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October 22, 2017 by Ron
Simple elegance!
I have used Olympus recoders for many years and have the utmost respect for their quality. [and I used to be an examiner for a famous quality award. :) ]. Now, I have 3 other Olympus recorders that all have merits for more sophisticated purposes.. But this one's merit is its SIMPLICITY: Push the orange circle up to start. Pull it down to stop. No, you can't pause it. But I've found that to be fine. I just stop and restart when I want. So what that it produces another recording! No big deal--when I'm playing back, it will stop at the first stop, All I do is press the play button again and it starts where I left off! And the Police Detective's review below mine describes its elegance even better than me--read it!
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August 29, 2017 by Tamandal0807
Nice recorder.....for the money.
I am a Police Detective and I got this to conduct suspect & witness interviews. One feature made it perfect for me.....the one-touch recording. No more fumbling to turn it on and then hit record while walking up to a house. I read the other reviews and their negative doesn't affect me. I never stop in the middle of a recording. Once I hit record, it's off to the races with no stopping. So far, the quality is good enough. Thanks Olympus!
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January 4, 2017 by Howard
This is a major flaw for otherwise nice devise. It can not be recommended with this flaw.
This recorder has no ability to pause during a recording. If you're in the middle of a memo and want to stop and then restart in the same file you can not. moving the record button will stop the recording and any additional action will start a new file.
October 19, 2016 by Barry
Excellent product
I just needed something basic, but I brought it to a large conference with a few hundred people in the plenum sessions. I sat about midway in the room and turned it on and got very good recordings of each of the speakers. I transferred them to my PC and all is well.
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