August 17, 2017 by Scott
Nearly perfect
First the positive. The bag itself is surprisingly well made for the price. I like the size, although for me personally I would love if it were just a bit larger. This is highly subjective where size is concerned - some complain it is too big
April 3, 2017 by Clayton
Great Value!
A excellent camera bag for the money. It's big enough to carry your camera and accessories yet portable. The quality is top notch. If you want something not too big with good storage options this is a good choice.
March 8, 2017 by Susan
It just doesn't provide the security and functionality you need if you're out and about!
My first impression was that this bag was going to fit all my needs! I loaded up 2 bodies, an extra lens, and in the flap put extra batteries and cards; adjusted the strap so that I could slip it over my shoulder--and that's when the problems started! The clips on the strap are not swivel and because they can not respond to your movement, the weight in the top pocket is actually enough to cause the bag to flip so that if you don't latch the clasp, it would dump your cameras and lens on the ground! Then there's that clasp. I am honestly grateful that it broke after a week! It's made from a very rigid plastic and you can feel the stress being created in the plastic every time you open and close it!
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January 28, 2017 by Ray
Olympus's best bang for the buck for an everyday general purpose a
Definitely a good buy. Comfortably holds OMD body, 7-14mm Pro, 12-40mm Pro,40-150mm Pro,2 batteries, Battery charger & cord, USB cable, HDMI cable, filters, SD cards and there is more space. The dividers are ample protection between the lenses and camera bodies as well. I might mention that this bags compartments are very customizable as far as size and position are concerned (via velcro)A zippered outside pocket has 2 compartments in it and one attached to the lid of the bag is available too.
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December 27, 2016 by Bone Daddy
Best Value on the Olympus Site!
For the money, this is hands-down the best value of all the Olympus accessories. It really is a PRO-worthy bag, with the ability to hold an EM-1 or EM-1 II either alone or attached to a shorter PRO zoom lens, in addition to at least three more of the under-300mm PRO lenses at the same time. I got this so I could keep my EM-1 body organized with all of its specific batteries and accessories after purchasing my EM-1 II, and it's perfect for that, but also an amazingly heavy-duty lunchbox-style bag if I ever need it for actual field work. It's bigger than you'd think, for the price, and loaded with storage pockets. The only downside: it's obviously an OLYMPUS camera bag, with that big logo on the flap, so it kinda screams "steal me."
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