October 28, 2015 by Torsten
Interesting concept - and fun
If you want to try something differently - I guess ithis is the smallest MFT combination on the market if you don't take your smartphone into account. Connection to an Iphone is a bit of a pain, when your Iphone is in range of your homes wlan and is connecting to that and not to your AIR camera. Connection is also not very fast. So don't expect that you have this camera on quickly and that you Combination with the 17 mm 1.8. is nice and gives you a manual focus ring - with some practice you can even shot without your iphone connected and this is then very fast.
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September 28, 2015 by Sergio
Great concept, execution needs improvement.
I am a great fan of Olympus: OMD-EM5/OMD-EM5 II, plus tons of lenses. I pre-ordered the AIR A01 with great expectations. I was among the very first photographers to receive it and test it. Here my impressions: 1) A great concept. The quality of the images is as good as my EM5's, without the bulk. 2) The setup process left a lot to be desired. Olympus needs to improve the instructional material available to purchasers. 3) The battery life is short and there is no way to have a spare battery on hand. When you run out of juice, you are stranded. 4) The actual shooting experience is SLOOOOOW! I was hoping to use this camera for street photography. I found myself missing the shot several times, because of the slow response when changing settings and focusing. I believe it's all due to the slow response of the dedicated WI-FI connection. All in all, I love this device, but I strongly recommend that Olympus improve its speed performance via a firmware upgrade. Thank you, Olympus.
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August 21, 2015 by Stuart
Gem of a Camera
This is a good camera. Small , you can change lenses lenses, and it is reasonably price. It's better than any phone camera you'll use and yes, you get professional results. However there are a couple of things that I am certain will be coming if this format sells and while I'm not an early adapter of anything, this little gem of a camera feels like the future: choose a sensor, choose a lens, chose a recording device, and drive it with an app. But what it needs is a way to do flash photography, a mic in and audio out jack for those using it to shoot video. Also need to be able to adjust the FPS rate through the app. And sometimes the focusing is a bit iffy. But that being said, I used it on a photo shoot as a test camera and was pleased with the results. If you shoot for social media, this is the camera to get. If you're budget conscious and want a good camera, get this one. If you want to attract a crowd, this will do that too!
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August 2, 2015 by Cokie
Ton of Fun
Wow, this little Air A01 is really fun. Have had it for about a week now and finding a complete new way to have fun with photography. There is such a sense of freedom. You are completely unencumbered with this thing. Use it with your smartphone, or not. Use it with your smart tablet, or not! I'm looking forward to trying out some candid street photography without aid of the phone or tablet. Did one day of shooting with it this way and it is kind of fun having to wait until "later" to see what you were able to get. It seems somehow freeing to spend more attention to where and how to get the shot and less about studying the screen for how you did. You can get into tight spaces and odd angles. Just really, really fun. I have been thrilled with the quality of the photos. The set up was relatively easy and once you do establish your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with your smart-whatever, the next time you go to connect it is quick and easy. The only thing a little slow is going from picture taking mode over to viewing the pictures on your device. Other than that, no complaints!
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July 26, 2015 by Saeed
I'm impressed
I'm really impressed with this small camera It's really small Nice to handle .. The shutter is really fast .. Quiet.. I like the image quality I use it with the 45mm lens and it's doing a really good job Olympus should put a better instructions manual in the box I dislike the battery lifetime.. I wish I could change the batteries Little bit pricey .. Otherwise I'm glad to have this little thing..
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