June 12, 2016 by Raphael
Problems with WiFi connection and limitations
The camera itself is a great instrument to take great pictures. I have one 14-42 m-4/3 zoom and an adapter to MFT that accepts all my Four-third lenses. I've been plying with the camera for the past 2 months but have encountered problems of connection between the Air and my IOS device. I was trying to photograph my daughter's graduation inside the Basketball arena at her University and there was no way to get a connection. the connection has also failed in another places with less steel structure and it is frustrating that I cannot count with this device as my handy camera. I also find that the suite software is not completely intuitive as it should be when pairing with an IOS device and it takes a good extra time to change the settings once you are working, not just a flip of a button. One big disadvantage of the system is the inability to fire an external flash with it. Also in despite of being an open platform, I have not seen other apps on this camera beyond the bundle software. I'm not a developer but having both, BT and WiFi that send signals overtime a picture is taken, there could be a signal to activate a flash radio-trigger that will then fire a flash. I have not seen new tutorial videos neither on Olympus site nor in youTube. I'm curious to know if this camera is not getting the attention it deserves neither from Olympus nor the users and developers and that is sad. I have not received either any notification of firmware update from Olympus. It is a great concept but needs further attention to be reliable and practical. Still the new smartphone with relatively high megapixel chips and tons of apps, are more practical and reliable to use that the Olympus Air.
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May 13, 2016 by darrell
A whole new perspective
I've been an avid photographer for about 40 years, and I was curious about the Air. I thought it would be another "toy" in my bag, but I've found that it gives me a whole new perspective on photography. The angles and views that I can get with the Air are like no other camera. Close-up pictures are amazing since I can get the camera into spots that I usually wouldn't be able to get to. Event photography is amazing! I can hold the camera high above my head, down at my knee, around a corner, etc and still get great shots with the viewfinder in my hand. I love the easy layout of the controls & settings on my smartphone - all the features that I'm used to using on my OM-D series camera are available on the Air. The Air generates a lot of interest from spectators, especially in a crowd. I wish I could get a commission from Olympus because I've already sold a couple of Airs in the first week I've owned it! If you are already a user of micro 4/3 cameras & lenses, the Air is the next step you need to take. It'll give you a familiar system to use in an entirely new way, and you'll have an extra/backup camera body too. The only problem I'm having is now I want to buy more lenses to compliment the unique capabilities of the Air!
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March 18, 2016 by Jerrold
It will expand your vision
As the reviews indicate, this is a small, fun unit. It does take great photos, has many great lenses available but as you study the unit; think of things that your 'regular camera' can't do. Like shoot remotely, mount on a monopod/pole and explore out-of-reach areas It may need some help with lighting, maybe a hand grip. These are trivial, the core is there in the Air 01. I am still exploring and expanding my uses of this gem. Last thought; consider if you have a micro four thirds camera now and maybe some lenses, those lenses fit and the Air 01 costs less than most lenses and can use your lens inventory.
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February 1, 2016 by Kristin
Air challenge to connect
Camera itself takes good pictures. My sweat and swear has been using it, getting it connected! I did with both IOS and Android... it won't connect easily. After hours.. I found it connected the wi-fi to one of the paired smartphones and bluetooth to the other... AHA!! Then I set one of them in flight-mode and find the Air still won't connect. Reason; the smartphone dropped the Air OR the Air dropped the connection (?) thereby smartphone connected to a local network... I set it back manually and ... then the smartphone is connected to the blue-tooth-speakers nearby, dropped by the Air again... I closed everything nearby OFF and FORGET home network on smartphone. YES! After way to long time. I want the air to connect to SAME device on both wi-fi and Bluetooth without all the extra miles... I tried the camera with 40-150 PRO lens, nice touch focusing! I have taken pictures "blind" with 14-42 3.5-5.6 EZ... looks good, takes som practice.. I'll write when I have more on sound for video etc. I'll use it as extra camera for work with OM-D MarkII, unless I tire. Or get a separat screen for use with it exclusively..
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December 14, 2015 by Mark Henry
Needed hand grip body option
This is a very good cellphone option were you can do all the creative shots found on using dslr. If you already have the lenses it will be a more cheap option. But I hope you can also make a body grip option like the ones on medium format cameras were it has a monitor and EVF and has a grip. It should have direct connection instead of Bluetooth. Now we have a modular camera :-) upgradable by lens, sensor or body camera grip like medium format. Hope you can start that kind of trend. First modular mirrorless camera. I will give you 100 stars for that innovation.
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