March 26, 2018 by Willy
Kit Lens
I bought this lens as part of an EM5 II underwater bundle. The lens seems to work quite well. However, the lens is not weather sealed to use as a walk around lens.
December 6, 2017 by DB
Very nice kit lens!
Got this lens along with my EM-10 Mark II as a kit lens. I use this to capture wide-angle scene and also some pretty nice portraits. Very nice kit lens.
November 29, 2017 by Gabriel
Pretty good for a kit lens.
I wasn't expecting much from a kit lens, but this little guy gave me a big surprise. Build quality was far better than other kit lenses I've owned and image quality far exceeded what I was expecting.
November 20, 2017 by danny
Great value when brought as a bundle!
Great starting kit lens for beginners! Very versatile focal length from wide to telephoto.
November 14, 2017 by peter
Punches way above its price!
Like the inexpensive 75-150 zoom, this Olympus kit zoom punches way above its price tag. Kit lenses are always going to be compromises -- not so sharp, not so fast, not usually as well built -- as the enthusiast lenses covering the same price range. But they cannot be TOO bad because the object is to hook the buyer on the system. Sadly, a lot of manufacturers don't understand this. Look at all the Nikon APS-C kit zooms rolling around my drawer! Unused. Unsaleable. But this little Oly lens is more than adequately sharp and contrasty and fast enough with reasonable ISO settings. There is a bit of chromatic aberration, correctable in firmware and in Oly RAW. It's not the 12-40/2.8 PRO zoom of course. That's a brilliant lens but big and heavy. The R-II is light and portable, probably intended to make the small Pen bodies into a small and convenient package. Cons: Well, as with almost all Olympus lenses, it should have come with a hood; it needs it in the field. The plastic mount is a downer if you're used to shooting the more expensive lenses, but why? It's more than precise enough to do the job since the autofocus seamlessly corrects for moderate mount wear. And besides, for the beginning interchangeable lens photographer, just how many lens changes will she make before stepping up to primes or better zooms? I found the lens lock/unlock feature to be a bit cumbersome and counterintuitive. My biggest complaint is that when collapsed and locked it is just too big. I can't fit my EP-3 into a pocket except the deep ones on my heavy duffle coat. I gather the EZ fixes that problem at a cost in $$ and sharpness. But it's a good practical general duty lens. I have many other Olympus lenses including primes, PROs, and premium designs. I still find uses for the 14-42 R II.
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