December 17, 2017 by Bob
One the very best lenses in any format!
Been using this lens for six month now and it still impresses me every time with fast focus and unbelievable image quality and beautiful rich bokeh. This lens is at home in the studio or out in the field. The 75 focal length is great for portraits, commercial / advertising shoots and street photography. I also find a great landscape lens. As far as I am concerned this is one of the best lenses I have ever used in any format.
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October 10, 2017 by Daniel M
What to add more about that optical marvel from the Olympus M4/3 line-up except its outstanding performance. Yes this a superior optic even if it is a specialize piece of glass. But using the Olympus 75mm may transform you in an addict of this focal lengt
It sometime arrive that a new product is becoming a fetish item right from the start and it was effectively the case for the beloved Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm f/1.8, the "made in Japan" state of art optic for M4/3 format cameras. It is a purely indecent and expensive piece of glass that everybody want to touch, try and ... adopt if they can afford to pay for this majestic device. Carefully crafted the Olympus 75mm is also a beautiful collector jewel especially in its silver version. The short and fat design of the lens can be still assimilated as a compact design considering the fact it is a real telephoto with a fairly large maximum aperture. The focus is sumptuous and using it in conjunction of the Auto-focus/Manual option of the camera is a charm. When you turn manually the focus ring you will easily feel and ear the by-wire mecanisism of the lens coupled with a lighter turning resistance compare to some prime lens models. For my personal point of view I have seen it more as an avantage than an inconvenient. A short word about the lens hood The dedicated and factory lens hood of the Olympus 75mm F/1.8 is not part of the included accessories that come with the lens. In fact the Olympus policy regarding lens hood availability is not really clear. It seems that most of the "polymer-made" hood are included with the lens and the "metal-made" ones are optional accessories. For the Olympus 75mm lens, the gigantic metal lens hood (and expensive) has to be bought separately. Considering the hood large dimension it is really an occasional add-on accessory that will bother more than be practical. It's up to you to "invest" or not. With 16 degrees of (narrow!) angle of view the Olympus 75mm F/1.8 is the first real telephoto that will give you an equivalent three time magnification compare to your normal eye sight. Combined with its maximum aperture of F1.8 it can be a very discriminating lens considering its reduced deep of field. Because of its great selectivity the Olympus 75mm F1.8 is more an off-contextual lens than the others lenses doted with a wider angle of view. Perfect in doing portrait or such related subjects this small and fast telephoto can be also used in cultural (such in theatre or musical scene) and sport events. You may consider the Olympus 75mm F/1.8 as a true "project" lens that will ask a greater sense of study of your subject. In fact working with the optic will allow you to really discover different aspects of your subject. What to add more about that optical marvel from the Olympus M4/3 line-up except its outstanding performance. Yes this a superior optic even if it is a specialize piece of glass. But using the Olympus 75mm may transform you in an addict of this focal length with a narrow angle of view. For complete illustrated review, see:
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September 25, 2017 by mc_gatty
Probably the best micro-4/3s lens in existence
I borrowed this lens at an event (with a Pen F) and I ended up buying an E-M10 II specifically to be able to use this lens. Yes, it is so good that I bought a camera FOR THE LENS! I have now had it for over a year and I can not say enough good things about the 75mm 1.8. It is INCREDIBLY sharp. It is very small and lightweight for the effective level of zoom. There is not likely another lens for any system that allows for the perfect combination of sharpness, speed, subtlety (it's fairly unassuming for the length), and intimacy that this lens provides. The portraits I get out of this lens are candid, effortless, and pretty consistently breath-taking. If you have a micro 4/3s camera of any brand, you MUST buy this lens. It seems overly specialized at first glance, but once you adjust to the length it is incomparable. I LOVE THIS LENS!
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September 18, 2017 by Michael
Razor sharp subject isolation
This lens is without a doubt one of the sharpest lenses for MFT. It is an amazing portrait lens for tight headshots that are razor sharp bringing out the eyes of the person being photographed. It is a also a great lens for street photography because it's wide aperture and shallow depth-of-field can isolate a person or small group of people against the urban landscape or any background. This lens is an absolute must.
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September 6, 2017 by Jon
A must have for MFT portrait photographers!
The MFT chart of this lens speaks for itself for the most part, but there's definitely much more to this lens then the chart. Because the focal length is slightly greater than the traditional 135mm, the angle of view maybe little narrower for those who are accustomed to the 135mm angle. However, this lens compensates for such difference. In my opinion, the lens is simply the best prime lens in the MFT system, along with Leica DG 42.5mm Nocticron.
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