April 22, 2019 by Paul
Best prime lens I own.
My absolute favorite Olympus prime lens - it is sharp as a tack and the image quality is just phenomenal. I use this for outdoor portraits as well as street photography.
January 18, 2019 by Clayton
The Reviews Are Correct!
All the reviews I've read from pros to amateurs rave on the sharpness and clarity of this lens. Well, they're all right. Just an incredible lens and a must for your kit!
November 9, 2018 by Torsten
Great Portrait Lens for headshots
Kind of special lens with a good focal lens for headshots - If you use it for other portraits it that is almost a bit to long and makes communication difficult and reduces rapport. Very well build - but focus is not so fast.
April 23, 2018 by Alexey
Optical precision instrument.
I can not add anything new. This is a magnificent lens with unprecedented optical characteristics. It is sharp with an open diaphragm. They are almost free of chromatic aberrations. It is compact. It is beautiful. It's fast. It beautifully blurs the background on the photo. But with all this, it's some features that should be taken into account when you acquire it. The ratio of the focal length, the background and the aperture leads sometimes to the feeling that the subject is pasted into the frame, the side does not progress in the picture - it is immediately maximum. The focal length of 75mm - imposes its limitations on working with the model and at work in small enclosed spaces. In any case, this means only one thing - this lens is beautiful and so perfect and has such a huge potential in creating deep and beautiful photos that in order to master it you need to be a real master!
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April 23, 2018 by Nashtok
I make excuses to shoot with this lens
Despite not being my most used lens, this is certainly my favorite. I always make excuses to use it because of the absolutely gorgeous rendering the lens imparts on scenes. The color is perfect, the out of focus areas smooth, and the sharpness that of a razor's edge. Seriously, on any of the cameras with a 'hi-res' mode, the detail you can get out of this lens straight from f/1.8 is really astounding.
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