February 17, 2016 by Larry
First Look
Wanted a fast, versatile lens for my system (EPM-2). Did some shooting around the Holidays and was not disappointed.Very sharp images no noticeable flare or distortion. Good for portraits. I expect to use this lens to capture Hummingbirds in flight for still and video. Have to wait until summer. Shot some portraits for passport renewal and the results were fine
February 17, 2016 by Green Lizard
Go-to portrait lens
Though I also have the Olympus 75mm, that takes excellent portraits, I prefer to use the 45mm as it keeps me closer to my subject. I primarily use it for head shots, and wide open it has a really nice Bokeh for the background. It is very compact and lightweight, and keep it with me in my small camera bag wherever I go. It is great for that evening small venue music seen, taking great low light shots of the artists. Great piece of gear - highly recommend.
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February 1, 2016 by Philam
Couldn't ask for better
Every shot with this darn lens just screams, "beauty!" I can't take a bad shot with it... "Click!" Perfect. "Click!" Perfect. Mix this with it's compact form factor, quick AF, lack of CA or distiortion, and it's got amazing color reproduction and just enough punchy contrast to boot! Geez, this lens is could be worth twice its price (but it doesn't come with a hood, so no deal!). If I had to reach for something bad to say about this lens, it really is the lack of a hood! That's just weird... But not worth taking a star. Amazing job from the guys in blue!
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December 27, 2015 by Rob
Makes for great portrait shots.
I have been using this me we for about 6 months. It has given me some really great portrait shots of our daughter. The pictures are very bright and sharp. Great to be able to shoot without the flash get great colours. With the holiday season it has been perfect for lowlight pictures with the tree. Now if only I could get my daughter to sit still longer I'd get even more!! Definitely recommend this lens.
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November 30, 2015 by JobosPhotography&Imagery
My Favorite Lens Right Now
This is my favorite lens right now! Super fast and razor sharp! The photos are beautiful and I could not be a happier customer with this purchase. This lens gets tremendous work during family photo shoots, and the results really show compared to other non-portrait lenses. This lens really can separate the subject at the lowest f 1.8, and the sharpness is quite good. The lens can be used at f 1.8 quite often due to the inherent sharpness present. A must have for prime lens professionals.
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