October 10, 2020 by Tim Domit Hufford
For the money, this is a game changer for portrait photographers
I have been shooting with this lens for about 4 months now. Outdoors, shooting portraits and art nudes in nature has been an eye opener. The bokeh you get from this lens is divine, and the sharpness and color is exceptional. I sometimes wish it was just a hair less sharp at times
May 30, 2020 by Jack
Light, small, versatile, sharp, Macro
Small, light, incredibly sharp. Macro is a big plus. I actually both this lens to replace a Sigma 30mm F2.8 ART Lens. Also a very good lens, but no Macro. My Zuiko 30mm F1.8 is very versatile lens, it can be used as a prime lens, portrait lens, or Macro lens, all in one. It is also very simple to use, Macro goes on its own when you very close to subject. I'm very happy with my purchase.
May 17, 2020 by Jack
Fast, quit, accurate, sharp.
I can't price this lens enough. On how rich the colors are, how sharp the image is, how nicely saturated my pictures are. All of it is from lens two inches long. It looks like a toy, and give you almost pro looking pictures. It fast, quiet, accurate. How can you bit this? I could not find one drawback of owning this lens.
March 21, 2020 by Vitoon
excellent for portrait
Excellent for portrait sharp, very lightweight and portable perfect size for my em10
December 28, 2019 by Timothy
Super Light Weight
First the 4 star rating is because I just got it and I have only been using it since Christmas. Super lightweight! It will be on my camera so I can try it with different situations.
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