April 22, 2013 by paul
Excellent Lens
I had read the reviews of this lens and was somewhat sceptical, I got the lens on sale from Olympus for $149. This lens is fantastic value, small light weight , very sharp. I am very happy with this lens. I have it on My E-PL5 which is another Olympus product I am very happy with.
April 5, 2013 by Peter
Excellent lens for portraits and distance shooting
This is a super lens for almost any type of shooting. It is light, compact, and has an excellent telephoto range. You can shoot very nice portraits at the short end with decent background separation. The edges are very sharp at the short end and only slightly fall off at the far end. The centre of the frame is always very sharp throughout the zoom range. The focusing is extremely fast and near silent. This is a super companion to the stock 14-42mm kit lens on most PEN cameras. For the price there isn't a lens out there that can match the performance and quality of this lens.
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