January 25, 2015 by sylvia
Good lens
I use it to take shots of birds in my backyard, I notice when I zoom in there is a blur in the background. I really enjoy this lens.
June 20, 2014 by Joel
Fantastic value!
At the beginning I had doubts because of the price. Well, this fits the bill, an inexpensive lens I could take to sporting events that I can't afford to bring a high end lens to. For snapshots, this lens is good enough. Took it to a dirt bike race in the desert (lots of dust) and got many nice shots of the action. Dirt bike magazine wasn't there but looking for some pics for their magazine. My name came and they picked one of my pics. This has great details and good actions. Wow, proud to see it on the May 2014 issue with my name (credit) on the side.
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March 26, 2014 by Antoni
Useful telephoto range, high chromatic aberration
This is a very useful range (80-300 equivalent), but the chromatic aberration is very high, does not seem to be corrected in the software (EPM2), unlike my compact zoom (1/1.7 sensor size). Surprisingly the quality of the pictures is similar, slightly better in Olympus, but chromatic aberration is a big issue for me. show us at both short (40mm) and long (150 mm) end of the range.
October 12, 2013 by Quentin
Very Pleased with performance and price
I purchased this lens on sale before a trip and used it as much as the kit lens on my E-PL1. Impressed with the zoom that it provided and excellent image quality. I'm very happy with this lens!
October 11, 2013 by Kenneth
this is an excellent lens
Get this on sale now and you will not be sorry . I have made some really sharp images at all focal lengths using this lens...for this low cost zoom this is an amazingly good value...this is great for macro work as well...put your camera on a tripod...add some extension tubes...and your results will blow you away...I get a pleasing bokeh with this and I like the specular highlights that this produces much better than that of the 60mm 2.8...I am very pleased with this ...and on sale it is even better...do not let the low cost make you think low quality...because it is not
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