October 10, 2020 by Paul
Looking forward to learning more about photography
I was pleasantly surprised at how light it is an easy to use and being a beginner photographer that means a lot looking forward to my next purchase of a new lens
October 9, 2020 by pato
Best value for the money
Best value that money can buy! * Light and easy to operate * Outstanding images * Can't ask for more!
June 21, 2020 by Peter
The Right lens in So Many ways.
I like to travel with my camera, the E-PL7... the size & weight of this lens is perfect for me. My 'experienced amateur' skills are satisfied, whether doing wildlife & landscapes events & architecture. It has expanded my telephoto range without weighing me down or straining my budget.
May 22, 2020 by Ciro
Great lens
Great lens at a great price
April 24, 2020 by Gaz
Compact but powerful
This is a great light weight, lens especially when you compare the size and weight of a traditional DSLR lens, practical for travel and street photography, Smooth and accurate, yes you can get more solidly built lenses but this price, its great value, five stars at this price.
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