April 28, 2020 by Peter A
A must have lens
Having recently upgraded to the OM-D EM-1 MarkIII, I was anxious to get this lens to add to my 12-40MM f2.8 Pro. Wow, just wow. I have been extremely happy with the performance, versatility and portability of this lens. Images are sharp and the lens is fast. Autofocus performance is blazing fast. Can’t imagine ever giving this lens up. Well done Olympus.
March 21, 2020 by jack
Perfect system for travel and birding
The lens is light enough to forego taking a tripod. With the 1.4 teleconverter it provides an equivalent 420 mm at f-4. Great all around lens that I was glad to get
February 15, 2020 by John
Maybe the best zoom lens I've ever owned
I use this lens on a daily basis in my projects either by itself or coupled with the 1.4X converter. The results may be the sharpest and most vibrant images I've ever gotten from a zoom lens regardless of price or manufacturer. I've been shooting now for over 40 years and the results from this lens are simply spectacular. When coupled with the image stabilization in the camera (and added to the weather sealing) - well let's just say it's a remarkable combination that I never imagined was possible. All I can say is "Thank you Olympus!"
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February 15, 2020 by Paul
Exceptional Lens
I was amazed at the sharpness and contrast of this lens. It did a spectacular job of photographing dancers in an indoor studio with available light. Going outside, I found that adding the contrast and sharpness were virtually unchanged when I added the 1.4x teleconverter. This is a fantastic lens and makes a uniquely light and portable combination with my EM1 Mark II.
February 13, 2020 by Antoine
f2.8 from 80 to 300mm reach... Really!
Stellar telephoto equivalent to 300 mm on full frame (MFT is 2x the standard focal lenght)! The lens is so well built and small for its capacity this is a shock every time. Fast and precise with sharp and outstanding results, it is a fantastic product from Olympus.
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