December 5, 2019 by Albert
If you love macro, just get it
Small, light, and sharp, this is just a fun little lens for those that love macro or close focus photography that can also double as an outdoor portrait lens. Limit switch option helps to minimize focus hunting plus this lens can do focus bracketing and focus stacking. Size and weight along with IBIS makes closeup shooting fun. Highly recommended!
October 18, 2019 by Brien
Versatile Lens
Hesitated to buy this as I don't do a ton of macro stuff, but now that I have it I do a lot more. Also, the length and quality makes it a pretty solid portrait and general purpose lens
October 15, 2019 by Darek
Size, weight and IQ are amazing.
Another great bang for buck lens option in the mFT family. I have so much fun taking macro images with this lens. My only wish, perhaps for the next version (?), would be to lock the 1:1 focus range like the other 2 options on the lens.
October 8, 2019 by Michael
I've had this lens in my bag for barely a week--or, I should say, on my EM-5 MKII, because I haven't swapped it out even once in that time. Yes, I love shooting macro, and this lens is simply unmatched for close-up photography: light, easy to focus, and razor sharp. But it's also a great short-length tele, and it's light and unobtrusive, so it's a great lens to have at the ready at any time. Buy this lens now. You will not be disappointed.
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September 25, 2019 by Adam
Great macro at a distance, and portraits too!
My daughter loves the idea of macro photography... seeing something up close so you can take in all kinds of details you otherwise miss... pollen on a petal, the layers and connections of gears in a mechanical watch, the hairs on a creepy spiders legs! With this lens, she can capture all those details without having to get too close for comfort. She sets up her tiny tripod and clicks away, with great results every time. Add on that this lens works great for portraits with beautiful bokeh, and it's a real winner!
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