March 1, 2017 by Jim
Good Macro for Down and Dirty Shoots
The small size, portability, and weather-proofing of this 60mm macro lens are ideal for close-in, down and dirty photos of flowers, insects and other nature shots. I’m often groveling about trying to get a unique angle or chasing an elusive bug, so I like to preset the focus limiter and then make minor manual adjustments as the circumstances shift. It is important to pay attention to the shooting gauge to avoid AF hunting when the range does not match up with the attempted shot. Occasionally I find myself resorting to manual focus.
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July 25, 2015 by Patrick H
Not a bad lens.
Since I own many older 4/3 lenses, I never can help but make comparisons. This is a good lens that adequately fulfills it's purpose as a macro, but when I compare it to the older 50mm f2, I do find myself liking the older lens better. The 60mm is quieter than the 50 and has a slightly closer focusing distance. Other than that, in my experience, the older 50mm f2 shows crisper details, locks the focus better, and is generally easier to use. I'm not saying the 60 is a bad lens, I'm just saying that you may prefer the older model better.
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April 7, 2015 by Samuel
Top Notch
Great Lens. Fast and tough with a useful length. Focus limit switch is a little fiddly but you get used to it.
December 23, 2014 by Kent
Excellent Macro/portrait Lens
I've got to echo much of Kevin's comments. Very good macro, lens is solid and does take a little getting use to. No lens hood and impossible to find if you don't by directly from Olympus at a $55.00 price. Why do I feel like I'm getting fleeced?
October 20, 2012 by Kevin
excellent macro lens
Image quality is fantastic, probably as good as can ever be wished for in a lens this small. Weather sealed & good price make it an even better deal. The focus limit dial on the side seems a bit odd to me, hope it doesn't break or jam up. No lens hood included? LH-49 isn't even for sale yet? That's why I didn't give five stars.
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